Nirvanas White Rhino, Bubblelicious, Ice and Dutch Passions Twilight anyone?

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  1. Anyone ever tried these? I'm having trouble deciding on the next strain to grow and these are the ones that caught my attention. I'm on a budget.
    Which of these would you say produce the most potent and dense buds? What was the smoke and effects like if you've tried it?
    And would you suggest DP or Nirvana? (Quality vs. quantity it seems)
    If I got Twilight I would only buy a couple seeds because of the price, so what are the chances I'd get a good pheno from like two seeds?
    And if you have any experience growing any of these strains, some info would be great like height, potential problems, ease of growth, smell during flower etc.
     Thanks! :smoke:

  2. bubblelicious and ice are very popular look for grow journals
  3. I'm not sure about any of these strains, but I thought I would tell you the odds of you getting a good pheno from two seeds are slim but it happens. It all just depends on how refined the seeds are. For instance, I bought slh seeds in '10 and had 5 different phenos. Different flower structure, terpene profile, yield, flower time, it was scattered. Buddy bought 5 in spring '13 and they had refined the strain, all 5 were damn close pheno's with only 2 maybe showing one or two different things. The thing is, I liked my pheno's more than I liked his lol.

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