Nirvana's swiss cheese grow (pics inside)

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    Alright i've been kinda concerned for quite some time about my plant.
    It's looking great, its super healthy, enormous and really bushy.

    heres a thread showing pics i took a week ago

    It took almost 3 weeks of flowering to just show sex, while the males showed up alot sooner
    and were eventually discarded and used for its fan leaves to make a great salad (try to eat it with a salad, its tasty and has all those nutrients, why not?)

    So my question is i doing something wrong? because ive seen grow journals that were a month flowering and already had buds/mini colas

    I'm using a 400wat HPS setup with chains, so i can adjust height clearance.
    The soil or growing medium ive picked is Fox Farm ocean forrest.
    with the foxfarm nutes, growbig,bigbloom,tigerbloom, in a 10gal pot

    is it just the genetics and have nothing to worry about or am i doing something wrong

    the plant is getting to be really tall and really bushy, showing a beautiful canopy

    just last week it started to throw pistils, and i took these pics probably 3 days ago

    each morning when the lights turn on, i always check out the plant.
    Theres no buds, no mold, no fungus.

    heres some current pics

    latest pics here

    maybe they just have a long flowering period and i have nothing to worry about.
    each morning i wake up it has more and more pistils

    anyone with good info or want to drop off their 2cents, feel free to post
  2. Could just be a late bloomer but 3 weeks is a bit early. First it will get all of the pistols like you describe then the buds start fattening up. In 2 weeks you should start seeing some good growth. The flowering age of swiss is about 7-8 weeks. Good luck and keep us updated!
  3. yeah thanks for the reply, i have more seeds of swiss cheese

    so the next grow i do of it, i'll be sure to make a grow journal..

    ive read on another forum that another person is having the same issue

    perhaps it IS a late bloomer..i just hope im not doing anything wrong

    let me know what you guys think

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