Nirvana's California Orange Bud

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  1. I've decided this is going to be my first grow. I've read some good things about it, it doesn't seem to have too much of an odor problem, and the citrus aspect appeals to me, I've never had citrusy bud before.

    Does anyone here have experience with this strain? I'll be growing with a 250w HPS in a 21"x30" area with some form of DWC hydro along with some soil growers too. Thanks!
  2. Well, its listed as an indoor plant so im guessing its over 50% indica. im not aware of any "special" requirements for certain strains. What exactly did you want to know? If it were me, I'd buy them and grow them in the same manner as I grow my NL. :D
    peace, TBug
  3. I'm guessing that he is asking if it had a real strong citrus flavor to it?

    Was it a strong high?

    Did anyone have problems growing this Strain, if so what were they?

    How has the order during flowering?

    How was the yeild?

    That kinda stuff, I only know because I was looking into COB myself and it's in my top 3 just looking what others thought of it
  4. lol thanks green lantern, that's exactly what I was wondering. Right now it's either this, or nirvana's white widow. I might end up doing both, depending on my money situation
  5. One of my most fav strains its 50% indica and 50% sativa i love it because you get an equal amount of the head high and they body high very nice i hope you do good since this is one of my favs good luck

  6. Yes it has a strong high

    No probs but you avg problems on growing weed

    8-10 weeks flowering

    yeilds above avg

    EDIT Bounty i wouldnt do white widow for your first grow the most exp growers dont get a good yeild from this plant because thats jus the way the plant is and this being your first grow you prolly wont even get a joint lol na not really but it wont b 2 fat
  7. Hey I found this review on another site. Man I start looking for info on seeds and growing and stuff and the next thing I know I'm registered on 5 different boards :rolleyes:

    Product: Cali Orange Bud
    Breeder: Nirvana
    Availability: Seedsdirect / Dr. Chronic / Nirvana

    Overall Rating: 8
    Potency: 8
    Yield: 6
    Ease of Grow: 8
    Appearance: 7
    Odor: 8
    Taste: 8

    Effect: Couch Lock, Heavy Stone
    Cure Time: 2 weeks +
    Stature: Medium, Stretched alot during Flowering
    Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor
    Odor of Grow: Light till the end
    Smell: Sweet Citrus, kind of like Tang
    Amount of Buds: 1oz +
    Germ. Rate: 100% 3/3
    Phenotype: Indica
    Recommended: Yes

    Vegetation Wattage Used: 175w MH
    Vegetation Time: 60 days
    Cloning: 3 for 3 failed - Rockwool Method
    Fertilization Used: Peter 20-20-20

    Bloom Wattage Used: 250W HPS
    Flower Time: 42 +
    Grow Style: Single Cola
    Average Plant Height: 3'+
    Average Yield per Plant: 1oz +
    Fertilization Used: Bat Guano 0-15-1

    Description of Grow: 2 Stage Grow Closet, Miracle Grow Potting Soil.
    Pulled early due to spider mites. Fert. Burned during Veg. Would Grow again.

    .....I'm a little worried aboutthe cloning part but maybe I'll just make a few seeds instead. Just sent my money for mine today!!!
  8. ^Damn... what site did you get that off of?
  9. 4real thats sum good info
  10. Thanks just trin to help out where I can......besides I have to do something while I wait for my beans.

    I got that off the I think the guy that wrote it is affiliated with Nirvana somehow because he has similar posts on different Nirvana although some are not as indepts.
  11. hg420 is the Docs site and he sells the seeds

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