nirvana wont germ

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  1. i was planing a indoor grow with short rider, was sad to read they are not true autoflower plants but i got over it, anyway i have tried to germ them for 10 or 12 days now with only one popping.i ordered through the attitude,on there web site it says they wont answer email about germination,has anyboby had a prob with nirvana seeds like this? what can i do? im pissed!
  2. just hope that the one that popped is a female. if its not an autoflower then you can take clones
  3. same happened to me i bought 10 northern lights from attitude and only 3 popped, wasnt a happy bunny at all. i had a 100% germ rate before these
  4. When did you guys get your beans?? I should have some NL's coming any day and hope I have better luck.
  5. weird I've bought 10 Nirvana NL's from attitude and I'm 6 for 6 right now
  6. I've never had an issue with Nirvana seeds not germinating. I just ordered some Nirvana bubblicious (sp) from Attitude...I'll let you know about my experience with this batch. They should be here in about 7-10 days.
  7. Yeah I've heard they were pretty reliable so was kind of suprised when I read these 2 posts. but mine should be here by wednesday and I will report back as well. What technigue did you guys use when you got such bad results??
  8. Well, I bought 4 strains from attitude recently and have germed them all in a cup of water with great results. ;)
  9. 8 weeks ago i bought mine germed in kitchen paper and water. this is how i allways do it and i had a 100% germ rate from attitude, god knows what happened could of just been a bad batch but i still had 7 less than i wanted:mad:
  10. gets fuckin better now, watering my girls there now guess what a fuckin male northern lights??? they were feminized seeds wtf.. this wasnt a hermie it had no female pistils just big ol nuts. now im down to 2 n.l now and there very slow to show there sex ???:mad:
  11. aren't feminized seeds supposed to be 90% female? doesn't that give you a 10% chance of getting a male?
  12. i wasnt aware of that i allways thought they were 100% with maybe a chance of hermie's if not grown properly. you live and learn eh. anyways thats 8 out of 10 gone now :cry:
  13. No i researched some more and they are supposed to be 100% female, but I guess you proved it is possible to get a male
  14. i wonder what attitude would do if told them??? but they have that disclaimer about not answering emails about germing dont they. wonder does anyone on here work for them???
  15. i contacted nirvana and to my suprise they are going to send replacements,i told them i was leary of shortrider genetics so they are sending me some bubblelicious instead! they were very fast to respond, i will use them again!!!!!!!!!
  16. I bet they had a lot of complaints about the short ryder not germing
  17. im gonna try them and see what happens i was really looking forward to tryin the nl.
  18. I grew bubblelicious from nirvina once and 9 out of 10 germed 2 died shortly after sprouting and the other 7 were male, but I would probably use them again because they are so cheap.
  19. just found out there that the remaining 2 N.L are indeed dudes WTF!! now thats taking the piss
  20. well they definitely aren't feminized!!! I would write them and kindly explain what happened and be as nice as possible. Maybe they will send you something else.

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