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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by cuntie, May 1, 2006.

  1. whats up everyone...just ordered a decent amount of seeds from

    im hopin they come soon. heres what i got:

    indoor mix ( master kush, afghan, ppp, skunk #1 )
    northern lights
    master kush
    jock horror
    pure power plant feminized

    i jus mailed the letter today 5/1 so im hoping they get the order by thursday and mail maybe ill receive it by the end of the month ?
  2. Let me know if you receive your order. I just had a poor experience with Gypsy Nirvana and I'm interested to find out if it's just a scam and I got taken. Or if they just have very poor customer service.
  3. to mobrules,

    1. lots of people have already told you it's not a scam.

    2. gypsy nirvana is the owner of and other seedbank sites, which carry nirvana seeds and other breeder seeds, but the breeder company nirvana is not related to gypsy nirvana any way other than this. nirvana is a breeder company, and their page is gypsy nirvana is the owner of a seedbank which supplies many breeder's seeds.

    cuntie, I've never ordered directly from nirvana, so I can't commnet on their shipping times, but good luck man. the PPP and Jock Horror should be nice. :]
  4. To The Fxcking Hero...

    Quite a few folks have also reported similar problem I'm having. Just read the posts

    And Gypsy Nirvana still has an opportunity to correct this situation.

    But if they do not, that's their fault. I'm the one who's out ... but that doesn't mean I am to blame for their poor customer service.
  5. hey guys, update on my purchase, its now 5/8 and nirvana has notified me via email that they got my money ( i mailed cash in an envelope )

    im hopin they dont take like 3 weeks to come but hey, at least we know nirvana is legit with mailing cash
  6. update > the nirvana seedbank sent the seeds sent out on 5/10

    i hope they come soon!

    it took approx 1 week for them to get the letter, but that was a plain white envelope w/o priority mail or anything of the sort...and im pretty sure the site said they ship hopefully ill get em by this friday!
  7. Then howcome a 10-pack of seeds costs more directly through Nirvana then they do through Seedboutique? That doesn't make sense. I'm not saying you're full of shit, just wondering why this is so.
  8. don't ask me. I don't do the pricing, but apparently he gets enough business that he can do that. gypsy nirvana has nothing to do with the nirvana breeders though. look it up for yourself if you want. it's only confusing because they both share a word.
  9. good news, the package was delivered on friday 5/19 however no one was home and it was a registered package so someone had to sign for it.

    unfortunately its at the post office which i have no means of getting to at the moment...but hopefully ill have my seeds soon enough

    total time from mailing cash to nirvana seeds standard to receiving = 19 days

    check out my grow journal of these babies in the near future

    btw all those seeds and shipping totalled slightly less than 200 usd ( fem was 90$ and nirvana takes 5% off the price when u purchase 5 or more items i believe )

    +rep to nirvana lol


    the packaging was so cleverly done i started getting paranoid that the mail service fucked up my mail...but then the glorious seeds appeared.

    i highly recommend ordering from nirvana directly.
  11. He is right you tard, give it up. Gypsy does not own nirvana seeds! Like fxinghero said, he only sells nirvana seeds.
  12. :) i also just ordered seeds from nirvana and had mine from cc to delivery 8 days that stealth is great you cant even tell we were looking at it like what the f@@k then we seen the and that was the breeder nirvana if this helps
  13. well Cuntie i am happy to read this entire post and your story about purchasing from nirvana. i actually just ordered a batch of northern lights from them today, and so far all seems to be going fine. their prices are quite a bargain compared to amsterday dutch seeds($60 or so for northern lights at their site). i also just purchased a 250W HPS bulb and cord. good luck with your growing.i'll look around the house for the rest of the weed needs. :)
  14. gypse use to be the owner then he got divorced and his ex got nirvana in the settlement so he started the other site and the reason other places like him weedcity and them can sell for cheaper is they buy wholesale not retail meaning they buy dozens of packet of each strain not just 1 here and there
  15. Is it risky at all to ship to U.S. adress? I want to but am sorta paranoid about it.
  16. This is discussed all over this seedbank forum, search around.
  17. Bought seeds from Nirvana seeds early this year, they took about ten days for the seeds to arrive. I got 20 plants from 20 seeds.
    Jock horror produced three plants that petered out and died, the seeds were small and hard to germinate. I only got two females.
    Aurora indica all grew, but produced only one female.
    As I am going for medical marijuana the yield will be insufficient for a years supply.
    I bought from them once in the past and only got one female from 10 seeds.
    You can't complain, or do any thing about getting ripped off. There is no place for customer complaints on their web site.

    For the record, I have enough equipment and lights to duplicate any type of climate, and have had very good success when using stock from other sources.
  18. Bought some White Widow seeds from Nirvana before summer. All popped, only germed 4 of them. They are all femmed and doing great. Check out my journal to see the results so far.
  19. I've ordered several times directly from Nirvana and have to completely disagree with you... Nirvana has the best customer service I've ever seen.. Go to the help desk ( on the right hand side on your account page) and open a ticket with any issues u have and Alice will take care of you.. I had an order of PPP sent to me in which only 1 sprouted.. I contacted Alice and not only did she send 5 new beans but they paid shipping and I recieved them within a week.. U can beat that IMO...
  20. I will also side with the Pro Nirvana people on this...they r :cool: cats for sure imo. They have helped me out and I got my pack through ATT :rolleyes::p, now thats some great customer service in my book any day! I will also vouch for the quality of the Master Kush, shelf smoke :smoking:

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