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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by _linux_, May 26, 2009.

  1. Well i ordered my package the 19 and got it today the 26 opened it found my seeds but there were no indication on what strain it is only thing it says is IM and female sign.But at least i can start my grow next time i buy seeds i am gonna go with the attitude there packaging looks a lot better.
  2. you prob. ordered the indoor mix feminized. its a mix of all the indoor strains, but at least theyre all feminized. nirvana is a good seed bank imo, i ordered from them twice before with no problems at all. very stealthy too. i ordered snow white feminized and northern lights, all sprouted!
  3. yes thats what i ordered but like now wtf do i call my plants :(
  4. yeah dude if i remember right they say explicitly the mix bags are not labeled. but they do make a good product, and are quite reliable. i have nothing but good things to say about nirvana.
  5. you wont know till you grow em :smoke:
  6. im just waiting for their site to get back up so i can check it out. its so hard to pick strains so i like that i heard nirvana has the indoor mixes and stuff
  7. fuck well i think i am gonna go with additude next time cause i also didnt like how it was shipped the seeds werent hidden at all now i am sorta paranoid :(
  8. That's weird. All the times i've ordered from nirvana, they've hidden the seeds well.
  9. Ditto on my one and only order.

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