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  1. Are these good? They got good strains but single seeds are only 3.30 even for white widow and other danks...other seed banks are sellin' white widow for like 14-19 bucks a seed lol. Just wonderin' how legit they are. Thanks in advance.
  2. they're legit, i ordered from them 3x and got my seeds everytime, germed good, and shipping was pretty fast and stealthy :smoke:
  3. ive never ordered from them but i hear only good thing about them and the quality of their seeds. just make sure you order from a good seedbank or just use nirvana's website.
  4. Very good strains and genetics from Nirvana - the White Rhino is first rate
  5. They are good i ordered top44 from nirvana seeds
    i germinated 3 all 3 germinated

    out of the three i got 1 male and 2 female and i have some good looking plants.
  6. Thanks everyone! Keep it lit! :smoking:
  7. no problem, bout to smoke in a little :smoking:
  8. The Nirvana WW is very good. $40 for 10 regular seeds. grew out the lot to find a mother and father. Cloned up my chosen mother to get 9 healthy plants and these 9 produced 14 oz of quality bud under a 600w in a 5x5 tent. Considering doing a seed run this next crop as i don't need anywhere near the amount of herb it produces, i go through just under an Oz / month.
    You wont be dissapointed.
  9. i orderd some superskunk from nirvana and all 10 germanated 5m 5f got a good amount out of the fems cant remember how much and the smoke was only wot i would call average! i dont know if it was me and may be some one can answer this for me?but there was hardly any smell when flowering or drying! when budding loads of sticky resin! major long fat buds all in all they were lovley plants but just no smell and mod high! left them untill 9wks before harvest aswell ! grew them in soil and used fishblood and bone as feed just as i always do but never had this prob with other seeds from different breeders!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

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