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  1. Hello Im going to be ordering seeds from nirvana seeds and i have about a 6X5 room to grow and i like a couch stone what kind of seeds would u prefer? I was thinking Misty? Good Or Bad Idea

    Thanx 4 your help
  2. Why don't you post up a link to nirvane seeds so we can see what they got.

    But if you want a couch stone go for a good indica.
  3. thats a good one! do you know how many seeds they carry a shit laod dude i know most of there site by heart and misty aint your best chose dude ,they just got bogglegum,bogbubble and sensi seeds has started saleing hash plant, wish i got to have ! also look at the growing times on these new plants there 40-45 days! less time ,less money spent! i like the looks of bogbubble but bogglegum is a better chose for growing time,heaven's stairway has nl#9 less smell ,better stealth for your crop dude !there are many great seed strains but these as well as tundra and romulan are my favorites!so far as of yet!i like many at seeds direct and mms seeds ,mms has great stem size and veg rates i was impressed by their consistences in their strain and their wellness to help in chose as well as good servise.both these companys are wisely ran and someone knows what they are growing and how to grow, if your just starting go for some cheaper seed strains they do just as well as some of the better ones and you can try a few kinds easyer this way remember to keep some on hand dont plant every seed you get! if for some reason you need to pull them quick it well at lest give you a restarting place .if you plane to clone for stronger weed hempster and the new hash plant clone well!good luck tazz11
  4. Super Skunk - Sensi Seeds. Order through Seed Boutique.

    Good body bzzzzzzz!

    Still allows you to think.
  5. Get the Kaya seeds if you want to grow a plant indoors and then transfer it outdoors. They are known to survive harsh growing conditions and have moderate potency. They only cost $15 because it's from Nirvana. What I really suggest is the Mandala Speed Queen seeds. They are fully flowered after a month of growing and cost about $17. You can buy all these seeds at

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