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    So I recently placed an order through Nirvana Seeds on February 17 for 5 seeds of Lemon OG Haze. I ordered online and payed with cash through the USPS by mailing a letter with the $38 and my order number and I was surprised to find that it took less than a week for them to receive my order and ship it out. The seeds finally came to my address on March 3 in the New England region, United States only 15 days after ordering by cash. So pumped to grow this summer with them. I would definitely recommend ordering with Nirvana Seeds. If you have to pay with cash like I did, have no worries. It's all legit. Peace.

  2. I have over five orders with Nirvana I'm testing out there autos right now and have a freebies grow journal that I just posted, they seem to have good genetics.
  3. Yeah I'm hoping for some pretty good results considering the investment I put down for the seeds. :)
  4. They're 28 days old and doing strong.

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