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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dairyman, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. what is the deal with those seeds you can buy from GC store? i tried lookin around for answers so i hope ya can help me, do they work? what does it grow? etc, and if it does work, what u think is the best one to try?
  2. haha thanks, thats so awesome. are there any risks or anything? im just trying to get as much info before i go into it. but once i do. oh man

    high heavens! $)
  3. Those two seedbanks sell good genetics. Seeds are sent to you in the U.S., which means they go through Customs. Seedbanks send things "stealth" -- not cool to go into the details on a public forum, but let's just say they do the opposite of stamping "marijuana seeds" on the outside.

    If they get through, which seems to be most of the time, then they get delivered to you. If they get intercepted they are removed from the package and a letter from Customs is put in there saying they discovered and confiscated contraband, and they send the package on through to you, at which point you are SOL. No cops show up at your door because you never possessed, and as for importation you can just deny. That's all I've ever heard of happening, they know not to pursue it because the really can't nail you for anything if you deny.

    If you do order a few tips:
    - don't use a credit card (kind of hard to deny when there is a paper trail back to you)
    - use a "safe" address (any address where the grow is not, such as a p.o. box)
    - misspell your name a little, not so much that it might not get delivered but just enough to make your denial more plausible
  4. Haha, you're pretty paranoid, toasty.
  5. he's right to be.
  6. You said it, man. It's not paranoia if they are really out to get you.

    Hero, there really is a thing called Customs and all they do all day is look for illegal stuff coming into the country. Ultimately stealth is something we each have to manage in a way we are comfortable with, and for me, just in case, I want every plausible reason to deny, deny, deny.
  7. I know customs exist, but they can't access records by the seed companies (if the records are even still around... most of them destroy their records after a short period to be safe.) they have no way of knowing whether or not the seeds were ordered. if they assumed you ordered and were growing this wouldn't be right because then anybody could get anyone into trouble by mailing off seeds to whoever they didn't like and leaving their return address off of it.
  8. It has nothing to do with seedbank records, which they say they destroy.

    Here is the scenario you are trying to avoid:
    - You order seeds
    - Customs intercepts
    - LEO wants to enforce
    - LEO can't just arrest based on what they have, true, but it could be substantiation for a search warrant
    - Where should they search? Well gee, there's an address right here on the package (your address where your grow is)
    - Knock knock. Who is it? LEO, we have a warrant.
    - Hey sargeant look what I found in the bedroom / closet / attic / grow area of your choice
    - You have the right to remain silent...

    Is it unlikely? Probably. If I can just use a different address to possibly avoid this even if it is unlikely, should I? Probably.

    Here is the hope for how that scenario plays out by using a safe address:
    - You order seeds
    - Customs intercepts
    - LEO wants to enforce
    - Uh oh, the address on the package is a p.o. box, we can't search there, let's move on
    Or, if it continues...
    - Look your Honor, we found beans sent to Toasty's p.o. box and we also found his real address, just sign this search warrant for his real address please.
    - This court cannot find reasonable suspicion to justify searching that address based on contraband sent to a different address. Next case.
    And if it continues even further...
    - Ok we didn't get the warrant, but we're LEO maybe we can just rattle Toasty's cage
    - Knock knock. Who is it? LEO, we'd like to ask you some questions
    - Seeds? Oh, no sir, deny, deny, deny.
    - OK Toasty, have a nice day
    - (Toasty fires up a bone in the comfort of his own home...)

    That's the idea, anyway.
  9. Ordering seeds off the net is pretty safe. I don't know anyone that has ordered and not received.
  10. I know people who have gotten a letter from Customs in place of their seeds, but that's all that happened.

    I guess my point is: I don't want to be the first guy I hear of who gets popped for importing seeds. Most of those with lots of experience ordering seeds seem to use a safe address, alter their name, and there is debate about using credit cards or not. I am much more comfortable erring on the side that is both more cautious and the collective wisdom.
  11. Nice scenarios toasty.
    Well explained.
  12. wherd.

    also, to one of the posters above that thinks LEO can't get your info and sales records from the seed bank - don't be stupid.

    Ever heard of Heaven's Stairway or any of the other Canadian distributors that got raided by US Fed Agents (with the cooperation of the RCMP)?

    US agents went to another country and seized records, sales receipts, credit card transactions, etc. And if you think VISA or M/C or any other US merchant bank is not going to hand over a credit card transaction at the REQUEST (notice I didn't use the words "subpoena "or "warrant") of the DEA or FBI, you are seriously kidding yourself.

    What many people don't understand is that the US governement has many treaties with other countries that inolve reciprocity of information exchange in the enforecement of drug-related crimes.
  13. canada and european countries are far different.
  14. is where i order from. Have had nothing but goo with it. Unlike hte stories i have heard from the other seedbank. I have my orders within 5 days which is good considering where its coming from. Only place i will order from ever.

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