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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Cface, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. So i ordered Big Bud from NS about 3 weeks ago (yes three weeks). it took them nearly 2 weeks just to process the damn thing and about a week to ship. Although it was irritating i could understand this if their product was of quality... ha.
    Well guess what i got once i recieved my package from them? Nope, not Big Bud. Not Big Bud at all but rather B52. I sent them an email complaining about this whole mixup just so they realize they fucked up. No way in hell i'm shipping the item back because fuck knows christmas is right around the bend they take so long.

    Has anything like this happened to anyone?

    I would like to add however that each seed i've germinated so far has had great success. Huge root on each seed.
    But still i paid for one item and got another, not good, not good at all.
  2. wow! i've had two painless orders from them with multiple varieties and no problems. i'm guessing you mailed them the order. that takes some time, at least a week each way. the 1st time i ordered was easier because they were still taking CC orders online, but a few months after they stopped that, they still hadn't replaced the system. i ordered kali mist from them the second time because i want freebies if i'm spending $100+ on one strain. i mailed that order and it took a bit longer than 2 weeks i think, but it was OK too.

    honest mistakes do happen. if you read all the threads here, most people have had good experiences with gypsy.

    a part of the problem really seems to be your unwillingness to work with them. i would think that if you talk to them and return the seeds, they would give you what you want and maybe some kind of freebie for your trouble.

    i'm sure that gypsy wants to keep it's good word of mouth. bad publicity is bad for business.
  3. Paid via Credit Card and shipped to same billing address so processing should have been quick.
    I did send them an email, got no reply. But i won't wait another 3 weeks to grow some grass in sending the shit back to them. Plus i've started growing 4 little beauties.
  4. hmm... my only other guess then is that someone from a postal employee to a neighbor could have snagged your package along the way. it happens. you still might eventually recieve a letter stating your seeds were siezed too.

    sorry to hear about your bad experience. keep trying to contact them about it.

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