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  1. I was thinking of ordering from does anyone know if these people are dependable? and what exactly is stealth shipping ?can someone please explain to me what companies mean by stealth shipping. the seeds i was thinking of ordering are: blue mystik, ice, new purple power (maybe, but it grows to tall), bubble gum, and chrystal. can anyone tell about the dependability of any of these types of seeds, or any goos stories of these seeds that they have had? im going to be growing outdoor, but i live in a residential area so i dont want really tall plants, i was looking for something that will stay under 6 feet tall, with not to strong a smell. any information will be greatly appreciated.
  2. i was only planning on buying two of those kinds of seeds, i dont have alot of money that i can invest into this. anyone with experience with these plants please tell me what it was like to grow them, and if they gave a nice high or not. thanks again for your help
  3. They don't sell or deliver to the USA. You have to go to another seedbank like seedsdirect or heaven's stairway and buy them thru them.

    Their links are in my recommended seedbank thread.

    bubblegum is a good strain, very nice tatse and a good kick.
  4. thanks BPP, i wasn't aware they didnt ship to usa. i'll check ure thread.

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