nirvana seeds bubblicious autoflo fem (1st solo grow)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by cissel88, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. It in a broiler-converted to grow box lined with maylar lighting is a LED UFO light growing in fox farm ocean forest soil. this is day 2 in the soil. its got a bit pushing out the soil but looks really good, Was nervous about there germination process, used the water cup method and just threw the seed in there for 2 days, worked like a charm!

    Had the option of going with coco coir but went with the Fox Farms Ocean forest... its amazing, no adding nutes for 3 or 4 weeks

    Water, for now using reverse osmosis water, water quality is really important. heard your not suppose to use it because its so pure it doesnt have some of the good things in it for your plant. well the soil does have what the plant needs so this allows it to get the best quality of a start as well as saving you from using nutes so early. then once you do add nutes you can still used the ro water.

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