NIRVANA SEEDS auto's good? or bad?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by dirtywhiteweeds, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I just started my real second grow.. i planted 3 bubblisious fem autos 3 jock horror fem autos i have never grown an auto im just curious if my seeds are crap iys only been 36 hours since germ one has already sprouted also planted 3 wonder woman fems!! Supposed to be a very high yielder...

    Also just finishing first grow five blk jacks 1 blueberry 2 nypd so far in in heaven...

    Gonna try a little more severe lst and scrog also maybe one plant defoliating im tryimg everything to see ehat i will stick with for the redt of my life im hooked best hobby ever i love my ladies lol...
  2. check my grow, i havent had any problems.
  3. Looks pretty good but at day 38 no flowers??? My black jack fems not auto started hairing at 25 days on 18/6. Are u doin a lst or topping??? Organic? How many grows have u completed?
  4. How long did it take to sprout from seed???
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    my first.

    organic; and i've had some lighting issues but mostly 18/6

    she seems like shes a few days behind most other grows i've seen, but im not sure what the problem is. like i said, it's my first, so i can't exactly identify the issue

    two days germ i believe, then two more to sprout once planted

    edit: and theres actually several similar grows on here, just look around a bit. not sure if they're all from nirvana or not though.
  6. U should look into t5's lots of lumens low heat low wattage 9.99 find em at wallmart just find proper k id go 7200 and 3500 maybe 2 two foot tube of each. Thats four two foot they would all fit ud get 10,000 lumens at about 94 watts or just one of each would give u enough lumens or go get reflectors or a sunblaze t5 fixture just a suggestion take it or leave it just my opinion on a stealth grow t5 is the way to go if u cannot afford l.e.d.

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