Nirvana Section?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420And69Rock, May 4, 2011.

  1. Whats the nirvana section of the forum about? i might buy the gold membership but i want to know what the nirvana section is about and has. just like general stuff.
  2. It's where they talk about which member's organs they are going to harvest and sell on the black market.
  3. dude your on coke...
  4. I dont have a membership. But ive heard from some members that do that its not all that. Its just a section where there are no trolls or stupid topics. Just things to talk about and more private pictures.

    If i had the money to blow id buy it in a second.

  5. i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You're next :devious:
  7. we have hookers and candy and candy and hookers

    in that order

    its awesome
  8. It's not a part of the forum that's worth paying a membership for. It's just beneficial for the website to receive donations from us because it's hard to run a forum this large for free. Even the VIP forum is pretty quiet with a few posts a day. Nothing to brag about... But still consider getting a membership, you will help out with this community.
  9. We party & bullshit :cool:

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