Nirvana order still not received.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by CHEECHNTHECHONG, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I ordered some beans from Nirvana Shop on 09-15-10 but still nothing in the mail. :( Just wanted to give a heads up. I will let you know if I get anything. Also I ordered some beans from Attitude on 10-03-10 because everybody has great reviews about them so lets see who's gets here first.
  2. Is that nirvana seed shop or Gypsy? If it's " Nirvana Seed Shop : Straight from the source! " or some BS like that then I've had the same problem.. ordered their knockoff Blackjack only to find a package with NO seeds inside.
  3. Yup, thats the one, I haven't gotten anything at all yet. Still hopefull though. :eek:
  4. I ordered from them a few years ago and they came withing a week, this is only the second order I have ever placed and I have not received this one yet. Hopefully something comes in.
  5. Still no sign of anything. :mad:
  6. took mine 3 weeks but i got them.... try to be patient and i hope you get them buddy
  7. Deffinitely trying to be patient and still hopefull that I will receive my order. Thanks for the info.
  8. ya no prob. the waiting part sucks cuz you never know for sure if you will get them
  9. Yeah Nirvana is a tad slower than AT. My last experience with Nirvana was great but the beans took almost 2 weeks through their mail delivery. GooD LucK
  10. Its really unfortunate that so many people are having to wait from nirvana, I think I got my seeds in about 10 days shipped to west coast. And their customer service was quite friendly and helpful in resolving issues...

    maybe its time to call them up OP?:poke: Have you attempted any correspondence with them?
  11. thats really werid because ive ordered so far 4 times and got the seeds each time and fast ordered last saturday ordered 2 different orders of papaya regular seeds and they came last wed so thats like 4 days fastest shiping ive ever gotten and only 1 seed was cracked so far looking good but there fem seeds i had huge problems with hermies problems with the blue mystic fem had 5 out of 5 seeds hermi on me and 2 out of 5 of the aurora indica hermie on me but all the seeds germed so thats a plus i guess. if you got a empty package customs probaly took it man.
  12. Well just an update, I received my Attitude order, I ordered on Sunday and got them the following Saturday. :D Attitude is #1 on my list at the moment as I could also track the package. Still nothing at all received from Nirvana but some people say that it took a month for them to received them so I am still hopefull. :eek:
  13. Nice man can I ask what you ordered from Attitude
  14. Sagarmatha Seeds Strawberry D-Lite
  15. I'm going through the same shit over here.. My order was supposibly shipped out 9-15-10 and I still haven't recieved them.. This is my third order with Nirvana and up until this point they were my number 1 choice for there awesome customer support and great stealth shipping, but this time around I'm really starting to doubt them.. I sent cash this time which I never do on 8-23-10 they didn't recieve it until 9-10-10 and then didn't ship it until 9-15-10.. So I've been waiting on this order for OVER a month and a half.. When I contacted Nirvana they said they would resend me half my order but will not do it again if it ever happens in the future..
  16. I ordered some northern lights from and got them within 1 week of shipping, and this included a government holiday (Columbus Day). sorry to hear others arent getting theirs so quick! stealth shipping was hilarious and awesome!
  17. I'm just giving it some time before I contact them as this is what they want you to do before people contact them and flood them with emails. :smoke:
  18. Cool, well let us know how it goes. I have future planned orders, interested to see how this gets resolved.
  19. Just checked the mail and still no seeds...Cheechnthechong you get your's in???
  20. Nothing yet, not even a letter from customs. :mad:

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