Nirvana northern lights auto fem CFL DWC grow

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  1. Started this not to long ago early March, a journal seems like a good way to log the grow so why the hell not!

    So, here's my set up:
    -22 gallon sterilite
    -20 gallon sterilite
    -2 small desk fans
    -2 6 inch net pots
    -125w full spectrum 5500k cfl
    -a couple mylar car reflectors
    -10 gallon air pump
    -18 inch air stone
    -General Hydroponics ph up/down test kit
    -ppm tester
    -5 nirvana NL auto fem seeds
    -Hydroton, and other clay from the local grow shop

    I think thats about it I'll put up some pics here in a second!:D
  2. is it your first grow?
  3. Yes it is, a very fun hobby i've been loving it haha. How do you put up pics though I'm having trouble.
  4. You need to hit reply its at the bottom of the thread it will bring you to another page to type your message. When you type it in use your mouse to find the attach image button then i think you can get it from there
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    Inside the box,
    From the outside,
    The little girl, 3 days old,
    The big(ger) girl, 9 days old.

    They have had 24/0 there entire life, PH around 5.8-6.0, ppm of res 210, regular water no nutes yet. for autos the big one seems slow growing. they had a small mite problem very early on that may have stunted the big one? not sure if thats it but i took care of all those little fuckers.
    Opinions are wonderful! this is my first attempt so feedback would be great!
  6. You're off to a great start! I grew these last year in soil, first under a 65W CFL then flowered under an led grow panel. Fun grow, fair yield, good tasty smoke. No smell until the last week or so. I grew them with Short Ryders which were very stinky. The NL grew more slowly at first then quickly outpaced the Short Ryders. However, the Short Ryders were more consistent in height. The NLs were all over the place, tall and short. Had a little powdery mildew on the NLs, cured it with better ventilation. A oscillating fan would've helped too.

  7. That's what I like to hear, I got it for the supposed low odor. I have no smell control at all and they cant smell so thats perfect for me. the big one has sped up rapidly within the past few days, and I have high hopes for my little one though, germed very fast, and has a wider stem than the big one haha. i hope it explodes in growth soon like the last one did.
  8. anyone know how long it should take to root through to my res? its been ten days since that big girl was potted, and still no roots floating in my res? I'm using some pretty small rocks with less space in between them then hydroton. could this be why?
  9. The big girl finally rooted through the pot :) no wonder she had a burst of growth!

    The little girl is off to a great start! but i didn't have my fan blowing it around like the big one so I found 1 nasty little mite tonight unfortunately. its dead, made sure there weren't any eggs with my eye loupe. Should be the end off that.

    Also I installed my lighting timer today, starting tomorrow the girls will be on a 20/4 light schedule rather than 24/0! let me know what you guys think:smoke:

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  10. Day 11 and day 4, came home from work and found a nasty little mite! again! just one but the bastard ate a hole through my littlest ones leaf! will this stress the plant and slow growth? went over my entire box and can't seem to find where on earth these mites are! what repels them?

    The root system on the biggest gal is very exciting yesterday a lone small white root, today there are many and you can tell by her rate of growth she is rooting up well.

    They both seem to be yellowing on the tips of the new leafs and at the base of some leafs, not sure what this could be... pH I broke my digital tester so i have the GH droplet tester, so it says yellow liquid is 6.0, and orange is 5.0. I keep it at a yellowish orange color, the ppm of the water is like 240 w/ no nutes. Rest temp 73 degrees, air temp 84 degrees.

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  11. Thats great to hear i just started 3 bubble auto fem 3 jock horror auto fems
    600w hps/mh dimmable roots organics liguids in sunshine #4 soil w/castings

    I just peat plugged em almost two fays ago one has already sprouted a bubblish! Im giong to LST and 100% organic.

    Good luck man happy harvests
  12. Oh on the mites or whatever they could be try an organic garden and veg safe bug spray prob have sum sulpher in it or neem oil hang a fly paper strip or most garden centerd have these bright yellow super sticky cards the bugs are attracted to and it will help control amd catch for further examination!
    Good luck with the cfl id look into an l.e.d. bulb style or t5 florescent walmart 9.99 2,000 lumens 24 watts u can go cool plant max. 7200and warm 3500 k good luck ill keep up with ir grow ill start a thread on my first automatic grow
  13. @dirtywhiteweeds

    Yeah I have some LST to do on one of these gals to see how it does, hopefully it works well for the both of us! nirvana seems to have pretty solid auto strains, I almost went with the jack horror myself. but as for bulbs im just gonna grab another light like i have now but in the 2700k version for flowering but maybe in future grows i will upgrade my lighting a little! thanks for stopping by man im about to upload new pics :)
  14. DAY 12/DAY 4

    So day by day the big gal establishes her roost slowly and is growing faster and faster everyday. I'm so proud of her! She seems to have a little bit of discolored blotchey spots on the leaves edges though. Should be starting the fox farm trio on this little gal within the next week after a nice res change.

    As for the little one she looks a tad rough, shes growing at a steady pace it seems but ver very discolored. NO MITES. like i said before the ppm is 240 and the ph is pretty damn close like 5.5-6.0. I'm gonna grab a new tester from the grow shop along with some nutes this friday. Anyone have any idea how to make her look healthy like the other? Is it stress from those mites earlier? I have no idea what it could be. i have the light like 4 in away

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  15. Awsome all but one bubblicious have srouted they are deffinatly smaller petite sprouts very green n healthy looking...

    I hear magnesium deficiency can cause awkward growth...

    Im starting my thread in micro growing if u would id like to keep in touch and help eachother as we go im in soil but curious about hydro....

  16. Ok sounds good to me. I was originally gonna do soil but i heard that since autos have such a short veg cycle the hydroponics will rapidly grow them before they flower for a bigger yield.

    I'm gonna start some nutes on friday so hopefully they are gonna be ok without a little magnesium until then.
  17. Day 14/ Day 5

    The biggest was started on LST as of today, she has gotten so much bigger, up to about 4 nodes. I'm wondering when she will get taller though? her roots are flourishing now swimming pretty deep in the water.

    The little gal is still looking rough I know, but I will not give up! shes still growing which is a good sign but still very very discolored. should have roots any day now.

    went and grabbed some H202, airline splitter, and another 18 inch bubble stone to help thing out a bit and minimize chances for error! hopefully she likes the h202!

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  18. Day 18/ Day 10

    LST is gettting my nodes nice and large and making my stem huge. hopefully the roots start to grow more on the big one they were a bit stunted i think. Started both plants on Grow big fox farm nutes 1/4 dose 3 days ago they love it i think. no signs of burn and they little girl is exploding with growth. should see some rooting on that one soon. w

    been adding h202 and keeping ph at 5.8-6.0, res temp 75. box temp 83

    whats with the yellowing though? Feedback is great! :smoking:

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  19. You say hydro makes them grow quicker for bigger yields? well my day 11 looks farther along than the day14 picture of yours? what is your input on it? would you give soil another try? maybe since we are both just getting going we should have a friendly competition to see whats better soil or hydro for auto flowers? sound good?
  20. I stunted their growth early on, and I think they may be having some problems growing roots because the res is so picky about whats in there.

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