Nirvana Master Kush

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    I am growing a Nirvana Master Kush seed 3 months of veg and in 2nd week of flowering. I am transferring from 3 gallon pot to 8 gallon pot. Should I use the same .2 .5 .7 soil I used in the beginning or go out and get fox farm big bloom or something? Let me know.

    Should I be worried about plant shock? I am going to continue to feed it the orchid food 6-30-30 as well as superthrive which is supposed to encourage root growth. Plant is 3 feet tall and I want it to be about 4.5 by the time it finishes in mid June. When do you think I should stop feeding it superthrive? I heard its not good to use superthrive all the way to harvest. Regardless, my plant is looking helathy as fuck and I don't want to screw anything up. Suggestions?

    Oh yeah and I will take a a high quality digital picture sometime today I just need to borrow a friends digi cam and download it on my cpu because I dont have one

    *EDIT This may just become my grow journal from 2nd week of flowering to harvest.
  2. If you stick with the same soil it should lower the chances of having any transplant shock.

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