Nirvana @ Holi Seeds promo is over, BUT.......

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  1. High guys,
    We have adjusted pricing on the website as announced... check them out!
    Unfortunately we have been unable to change our ads accordingly (waiting for ad network to change), but the special promotion of 30% discount has ended.
    Lots of you took advantage of this promotion and we are sure that all who did will have some great results soon! :bongin:
    For now, we keep pricing at the level it is currently at. HOWEVER..... 10 FREE Quality seeds will be given with every order from now on!  :ey: 

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    I can't find this new promotion on the website. Do we have to add a coupon or code somewhere? Or just place an order and the free seeds will be added with packaging? :D
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    Hi Weedle,
    Yes, indeed, the 10 free seeds will just be added. :)
    We are finally completely upgrading the site to a new version (was about time), so the programmers told us to "just add it when shipping" and when the new site is up (mainly new background software) it will show in the cart.
    I will make a BLOG post on the front page and will add info on other pages so the current promo is clearer.
    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
    EDIT: Added promo on front page, made BLOG post. You might have to clear browser caches.
  4. Woop


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