nirvana freebies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Bohemianbrad, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Is nirvana still giving out the 10 free seeds. As of 2017 they don't show that you will receive free seeds at checkout as they used to. Anyone shipped their of recent
  2. I just received a shipment and there were no freebies in the package. I was expecting them, based on an order I made with them last year that had them, but as you said it's no longer mentioned on the site, so I cannot be angry.
  3. I got an order (a small one only 5 regular seeds) recently and no freebies.
  4. no freebies in my last 2 orders but so far everything I've purchased has germinated so it's all good
  5. Everything I have ever gotten from nirvana has been excellent and as advertised, except the freebies last bunch I received were some 80% sativas with old long narrow landrace type leaves, 110day for min yields, tasted/smelled like Columbian gold of old, it would hermie if you sneezed on it...

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