Nirvana Freebies UK/Northern US/Canada type of climate full head on gorilla grow

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  1. I started them on feb 28th, all 100% germ rate however I did throw 3 of them out because of how slow they grew. I started them in peat pellets and put them into those cups once I saw roots coming out of the pellets. Its still to cold to put them outside we still have a bit of snow on the ground. Two of the 7 I have are growing a little slower then the others, I will be putting the two growing a bit slower outside at around the 20th or 25th of this month to see if they can survive the weather, then the others will follow. Here are pictures of them at a week old. I had to put my hand behind them so my cam would focus.


    It wouldn't let me upload a file. but anyway here you go. I can't tell if they are sativa or indica yet, but they did stretch a little bit. I might do a blue mystic auto journal also.
  2. Sick dude
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  3. I'm interested to see your progress :)
  4. I checked my grow spot and it is made out of hard clay. I'm going to check out my 2nd option in the next day or two. I will update it with pictures. I'm growing with a cheap cfl and they are a little bit heat stressed on a 20/4 light cycle. I'm switching them to 18/6 cycle starting today trying to get the heat down a bit.

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  5. Needs cal/mag haha jk lookin good

    Big brother is watching
  6. 1457571981903.jpg 1457571998185.jpg
    Is this auto flowering? Next official update will be this sat or sun.
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  7. This could have gone from an outdoor grow to a indoor micro grow idk if I will transplant them outdoors because they are Auto flowering. But they are all in really tiny cups so it might be worth it to transplant idk yet.

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  8. Are they autoflowering seeds? Chances are they arent and thats just new growth. If I were you I'd stick to your original plan... Just my.02
  9. Well, 2 of them are starting new growth. One is an auto I'm not sure about the others. I'm thinking I will do a micro grow, our weather changed from 50's to snow :cry:

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