Nirvana freebee seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonednhappy, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, Im planing to get some seeds from seedboutique from nirvana. I hear that alot of people get free seeds. Have any of you got free seeds from nirvana or any company??? Thanks
  2. usually sends a freebie pack of durban poision/skunk #1, but they are not Nirvana seeds, they just come in a clear baggie.
  3. I got some free Skunk#1 with my order from seedboutique.
    Says on the packet there from Sam the skunkman.
  4. Oh yea, I forgot about that.
  5. Bought Chronic seeds from them a year ago, got 10 free seeds, they are Durga Mata.
  6. i got durban poison x skunk the first time and sadhu from mandala seeds the second time
  7. durban posion here also , i got it this week
  8. Hey, did any of you guys notice that not all of your seeds germinated? I seem to have had a very poor turnout with my seeds from them but, maybe it was just poor technique LoL.
  9. Well they're free so emaybe theyre a little old or whatever. I just bought from there and I'll let you know what I get.

    Ohh folks in the US, how long did it take from seedboutique? I've been checking the mail every day right when it gets here like a kid lol.

  10. I just put my 10 Early Misty and 10 Durban PoisonxSkunk #1 in Jiffy pots so I'll let you know in a few days or so...

  11. Less than a week they took for me, I'm in the midwest.
  12. Hi guys,
    I am thinking of ordering some seeds from and I wanted to know if they ship in discreet packaging? I am pretty sure it is legal here in canada to buy seeds, but I dont feel like taking the chance.
  13. Yea they ship in an unmarked brown envelope.

  14. Im in miami and it took about 5 days

    mine came in a white package
  15. sorry if this is a dumb question....but does nivarna/seedbotique seeds actually pass through customs in the u.s.?

    (btw do they sell all fem seeds?)

    how safe is it? their disclaimer isnt exactly encouraging....

    what about credit card statments?

  16. Yes. The seeds pass through customs. The seeds are very stealthly wrapped and are rarely found by customs. If they are found, they will be confiscated and you will receive a letter saying someone tried to send you something illegal. That's it. There is no recourse, they don't even know if you knew about the seeds therefore there is no evidence of anything. The company is in Europe so it would be virtually impossible for the US to get a warrant to subpoena seedboutiques records. In my opinion it is pretty safe. If you like you can have the seeds mailed to someplace other than your grow room.
  17. don't know about US but in UK seeds sre legal, and my seeds came from nirvana but with sent from somewhere in the UK. Your seeds might come from UK too instead of holland!

    SmknVTEC, My freebies that i germed only 4 didn't do well, 2 didn't grow very well to start with stayed small so got thrown. 1 stretched beyond belief and the other hermied :( needless to say after all the bad karma i gave the remanding 6 away to a friend :D

  18. VTEC, 9 of my Early Misty have popped out of the soil, only one of the Durban Poison is showing so far...:(
  19. i did not recieve any freebies from seedboutique when i ordered there. Although they were fast and effective in shipping to the US.
  20. I still havent gotten mine but its only been 5 days including a sunday.

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