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  1. Hey guys I am looking to place a cash or with Nirvana for some northern light seeds. Wondering if this is safe to do so with the company? Do they have a good reputation, any success or failure stores regarding cash orders? Im on the east coast as well. Or are their other seed banks, that have very good reps with this kind of stuff?

  2. Nirvana is very safe. The good thing is they are going to begin taking credit cards soon. The very first order I ever placed for seeds was with nirvana....put the money is a birthday card I was so paranoid! Lol...don't forget to write your order # with the cash.
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  3. Thanks, I think ill give them a shot. 
  4. Just got a order in via Bitcoin, and received them in 6 days. Nirvana is great. Wish they had blue dream strain
  5. Just received a order of Urban Poison(fem) from Nirvana. I live in the middle of the United States and it was shipped on the 4th of December so I guess 13 days door to door, not too shabby. Alice was a big help and there was a holdup due to Bitcoin(won't deal with them again), but very happy to get these and look forward to getting underway with them.

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  6. I used Visa. It's processed thru China using yuan! I'm sure I'll find a Visa fee for this but I didn't want to extend the wait sending mail to Europe. Seeds arrived in 1 week!! Their customer service is for real also

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  7. My cash never got to nirvana, I mailed it!
  8. nirvana hasn't received my cash payment sent via usps. It's been 1 month tomorrow.i wouldn't ever send cash money again. Even if successful it takes too long via the cash route. I may try one more time with an international credit card and see how that goes. But wouldn't ever go cash route again. Hope this helps someone make the right decision.

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