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  1. These pics are at day 39 of germination! :D
    I germed 3 feminzed beans all 3 spruted on the same day. They have been pruned of their upper shade leaves a few times alredy to allow light in!

    The one in black will be mama. The other two I'll flower in a few weeks. I normaly keep my lights (T8's) just a couple of inches above the plants.

    Every pic that I see out there shows plants with long spacing of the internodes on the main stem.

    This is not my first crop and every plant that I have grown have very short internodes and the trunks at harvest are over an inch in diameter.

    As a result I get a dense bushy plant. Great for bud sights!

    Does anybody else out there get similar results?

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    Now I would think Fem seeds would be more stabilized , I have never bought fem seeds. You may want to keep a back up of everything , you never know which Pheno will be the best. Don't just take a pick from 3 you haven't seen in action yet.

    They really look good man , K+:D

    It looks like your choosing the Better looking of the 3. Choosing a pheno that has fibrous stem growth may be a bad choice. That's sorta how nature would do it , selection for things Other than potency and bud growth, What ever your looking for in particular. Run them all and get a clean test , then choose. I don't know how far off a batch feminized apples will fall from a tree but I surely would'nt expect them to all be the same come flowering.
  3. Double Sorry:devious: FUCK make that triple I'm too high
  4. maybe your right about testing the other two. the reason i have chose the plant in particular for mama is due the fact that the plant in general was stronger and robust from the git go!

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