nirvana big bud, 20 gallon grow box /w pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by kimmyreefer, May 8, 2006.

  1. Setup:
    20 gallon plastic box painted white
    pc fan plus a hole for vent
    3x 26 watt soft white cfls
    shultz potting soil w/ time released nutes .12 .09 .07

    transplanted on may 6, day 11 from 4 oz wax cups to 16 oz cups. growing alot faster since transplant

    today day 12 i tied them all down with seran wrap. ill post pics of that 2m. some leaves are dead form what looks like nute burn. (added some miracle gro couple days ago)
  2. aww poor things. i hope they get happier.
    i would use straight soil in the beginning stages.
    works great for me.
  3. yea newbie mistake. (my first grow) i put like 1.5 x the recomended amount. i reread some faqs and books and it said i should start nutes at 3 weeks and at a quarter strengh and go up from that
  4. yup

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