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  1. so heres another update for my NL. is there any reason two of the plants are starting to go really yellow and one of pics u can see tips of leafs going red ?.
    i think the smallest one should be ready for harvest in a week or two.
    they are 72 days old

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  2. [quote name='"apex100"']anyone?[/quote]

    They look great , when's the harvest? Keep us posted on dry weight! How long did th plant take?
  3. They look underfed in general. There doesn't appear to be one macronutrient that they're more deficient in than the others. That should mean that you're using a decent NPK ratio but need more of it. Keep in mind that as the buds get bigger, the plants need more food. It may be too late for more food to help much and you don't want to pile on extra nutrients just before harvest anyway. Plan for a steeper increase in nutrient levels as flowering progresses during your next run. Doing so will certainly increase future yields, even if only a little.
  4. jon i recon harvest in a a few weeks and i will keep updateing. jelly man im useing biobizz grow and biobizz bloom can u suggest some good nutes ? for future grows
  5. also jelly man do u think theres a way i could maybe save them a bit ? or will the bud come out crap ?
  6. As far as premade liquid fertilizers go, Biobizz makes good stuff. Another good brand is Fox Farm. I like to make my own teas from Guanos & Meals, rather than use those premade ones. As I said, it appears that you have a good mix going, there just needs to be more of it as the buds get bigger.

    You could give them a good strong feeding next watering. Use twice the concentration you have been. Since fertilizations should be alternated with plain waterings, the following watering should be plain water. After that, you'll be close enough to harvest for the final flush.

    Don't worry about the quality. While the deficiencies will have decreased yield slightly, you'll still get some great stuff in the end, provided it's a good enough strain, is harvested at the right time & is dried properly. I have no doubt that you'll be very happy with the results.

    Many very experienced growers consider yellowing & necrosis at the end of flowering to be natural & unavoidable. While any plants can actually have completely green & healthy leaves all the way to harvest, many of these growers still turn out some most excellent buds, and so will you.
  7. There's no problems man, your buds were suckin all the Nitrogen out of the leaves turnin em purple, it always happens near the end, keep up the good work got about a weeek and a half on the same strain HYDROO :smoke:

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