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  1. I have never grown AK 48 before, just looking for any tips that may be out there. Main question on my mind is should I top or not. They say it grows like an indica, so I am guessing that it should respond well to topping. However, any info would be appreciated.:smoking:
  2. I just got in 10 of these myself from attitude seed bank but they r only 4"tall so i'm no help to you.
  3. Got 9 (outta 10 beans) AK48/Nirvana at 24 days in veg.
    t hey have been vigorous from breaking ground.
    I've literally topped or FIM'ed them in every node/location possible since the reached passed 3rd node.its been a fun, easy grow so far. got a BUNCH of CFLs on em.
    I'll post you guys some pics after i transplant in a few days.
  4. Pretty rugged and resilient strain. Fast finisher too. They respond very very well to any form of plant control (fim top supercrop etc) Pretty easy to grow overall and a good smoke in the end!
  5. That is great news. Thank you for your input. I look forward to tasting it myself. Unfortunately I had a ballast prove to be bad yesterday, but no real setback so I will push forward with every growing method I can think of the these resilient girls.
  6. Hey MC and JB lets keep up with eachothers progress, I will germinate in a week. I am growing mine in recirculating DWC 2 plants per 32 gal rubbermaid with 2000 + watts in a scrog. How many seeds did you try to germinate? what was your germination percentage? I am going to be taking clones, since the seeds are feminized I am only germinating 2 to get a mother.
  7. Germ ratio was 10 for 10.
    the reason i'm down to 9 now is because i think i just stressed one of the seedlings out during transplant from paper towel to soil.
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    Thanks, it is great to heat that Attitude is giving us real quality. I totaly understand your problem with germination that is why I like to use those jiffy plugs. Just add water they will absorb enough and they come with a little res to keep moisture in the seedlings. I have had great results with this system. I just ordered a new system Hot House Plus - Heat Mat, Tray, Insert, 6 Inch Dome, Coco Plugs. It is moderatelypriced and has the heating pad plus the jiffy cubes. I admit it was the six inch dome top that i liked alot compared to using a 2 inch dome. 2 inches just is not enough in my opinion especially if you ever clone in these systems (I know clone in a bubbler.) I am not a seasoned grower, but have grown before and have a certificate in horticulture. Not to mention, I have realy studied up on this stuff over the last few years (it is hard to find a class on this lol...) Anyway, I encourage we stay in touch.

    Will you be doing a grw journal? I may compile a journal of sorts. I have no prob contributing my info and so-called knowledge on this, but I am still learning and had rather share my pics once I have made it to the end.

    Just wondering, what was the freebie that attitude sent you, are you growing or saving it. I got some LA Woman, but will save it because I know little othere than the description on the Attitude site. I would like to hear peoples experience with it as well.
  9. Did you also get a freebie with your order? They sent me LA Woman, know much about it?
  10. yea my total order was 10 AK48 and 10 White Widow from Nirvana. And 10 Bubblegum from Serious seeds. All my seeds are regular but the bubblegum were for my friend. I got Dinafems blue widow, LA women, Sour cream, and LA confidential all from DNA labs as my freebies. I fucking hate feminized seeds with a passion so I probaly will nver germ them. I only germed 5 seeds of AK&WW. I eliminated my weakest 2 AK and have 3 nice seedlings. I also have 1 WW that germed and is doing well.

    These seeds are really just to try some new strains. Right now I am up to my asshole in Super Skunk and Purple Lady clones. I have seen these 2 strains in action at my friends grow and out of the 10+ strains we have tried so far they are the best 2 so thats what we are both sticking with until the AK and Bubblegum come through. We have both grown bubblegum before and want to try it again. If ya wanna see pics I can get some but the AK is just a seedling right now.
  11. whats up my fellow AKers. my ladies (all fingers crossed. hold breathe) are a little over 1 month old right now. im going to show you all some pictures once i wake up alittle bit more. feeling lazy as shiiiiiiit at the moment. but get this. like 3 of my AK is preflowwering in veg! 18/6 is my schedule. fuck, nevermind the pics will do all the justice and for now, my banter is over. stay tuned for this shit though. im thinking Nirvana sent me the Auto-flowering beans (ordered the regular ak48), and with a little inconsistancy of lighting on my dumbass behalf, theyre sexing in veg?
  12. I love this AK. Planted 3 fem ak48 and 3 fem ice from nirvana and every single bean cracked into a healthy plant. Pulled a Mother from each and their clones should be cured by Thanksgiving. A perfect time to give Thanks. Gypsy, Thank you. They both taste great but usually every one that smells the AK's first response is silence with a big deep breath. Second is Can we load a bowl? Absolutely. My lil' ladies (3ft avg) had 6 wks of veg (seed to flower stage) and took 9 wks until 1/3 of the tricomes turned amber. Yummmmmm smelling it now. It's a really good high. Just started 3 fem snow white and 3 fem wonder woman from nirvana and again every bean cracked and is growing like a weed. So far 100% grow rate.
  13. Man sorry to hear about the early flowering. I do not have any news on mine. the truth is that I am just wropping up the grow room and am working to get a handle on temps before I germinate. Look forward to those pics and I will keep everyone updated on my Ak's
  14. Hey farmer, thanks for the info. I am real excited to see what this AK 48 is all about. I invested quite a bit a research into what strain I chose for this grow and hope my results are on par with yours.
  15. If anybody is still around i'll put up pics of my 3 AK 48 at this point. These little fuckers grow faster than any other strain i've seen too.
  16. Hey Jared, what you wating for? Lets see those pics man. I am excited, glad you stuck around with us.
  17. alright i'll get my camera from my buddys house and snap a few pics later then.
  18. I am eager to see your pics. I am about to germinate mine in a couple of days. I am just now wrapping up my grow room. I cant wait til my room is green with that AK 48.
  19. Ive got some pics too; ill post the details later today with some questions. This is a very easy strain to grow; ive been watering a bit every day and have a super LST going. Stay tuned.
  20. Great to hear, come with those pics.

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