Nirvana AK-48 indoor CFL grow - Completed

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    I'm making this thread just to show off my first grow ever. It was a first attempt that I honestly wasn't even expecting to work, I wish I would've taken it a bit more seriously.
    Here is what I used:
    MG moisture control soil
    Nirvana solitabs/flowertabs for nutes
    Various CFL's - 4 during flower, 3 64W 2700k - 1 64W 6700k

    The grow was done in a closet, no fans or anything.

    Picture dates:
    1st - 2/8/11
    Next 4 - 3/28/11
    Next 2 - 4/27/11
    Last 3 - 5/7/11

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    Unfortunately, I was forced to harvest a bit earlier than I would've liked. Only about 5-10% amber. Really wished I would've been able to give her a couple more weeks.

    Dry weight was roughly 15 grams of very good weed. Not too bad with only 4 CFL's, MG and solitabs/flowertabs.

    If anyone has questions I will gladly answer them to help, or just aid curiosity. Tips are also welcome!

    I've started a new grow! Journal will be up in the next couple of days, so keep any eye out!
    Here are my new components:

    2-3 AK-48's in Secret Jardin DR40
    Pro Grow 140w LED - able to veg and flower
    Fox farms Ocean forest soil
    Fox farms trio nutes
    4" inline 80 CFM fan
  3. nice plant! how was the high?!
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    Powerful! haha. Smoked a couple days after shoulder surgery after a two week break and thought I was going to die.

    Not the greatest smell. Since I had to cut early it had a sort of chlorophyll smell to it. Tasted great though.
    I was surprised at how good it was compared to the stuff I had been buying, and it took little effort.

    I'm using the same seeds for my next grow, expecting greatness!
  5. Super Cool MAn!
    It looks like a super good chance that I may be moving to denver this December.
    And I am totally going to start growing. With a Medical Marijuana Card i'll be able to legally grow up to six plants!
    And get this! I can sell to the Marijuana Pharmacies! All Legal!


  7. Living the life, man!
  8. Good luck on your next harvest. :hello: I hope you can get at least an ounce. :D :smoke:

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