Nirvana ak-48 can you say crystals?

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  1. Not really a full grow diary as for these plants the end is not too far away :hello: but thought you might enjoy a few juicy bud pics.

    Grow info:
    Light - 400w hps
    Medium - Tomato grow bags mixed 1 part perlite 3 parts grow bag
    Nutes - Tomato feed the local gardening centre had (5-10-7)
    Strain - Hmm well you see..... i mixed all my nirvana medusa and ak48 up by mistake when i dropped them before i germed :rolleyes:. but to be honest im all but certain that i ended up with 4 ak48 and 0 medusa.
    Time grown for so far - Pfft screwed if i know i never keep track of anything, i just grow them till they are ready and thats good enough for me :p.

    Did take about 20 pics but my camera skills are well............shit, managed to get 4 decent macros out of them tho (will get more full room pics soon)





  2. nice looks good. what day? how tall are they?
  3. There between 4 - 5 ft including the pots which are 12l pots.

    Erm the day is thursday as far as i know :p

    jk. i honestly dont know what day they are on never keep track heh.
  4. Oooooo charming snowcones dude!
    I wanna lick 'em.:D

    Better yet smoke 'em.

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