nirvana a "crook"...? what happened?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheFxckingHero, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. alright, I\'ve seen people talking badly about nirvana lately on a lot of other forums. they keep saying the guy who runs it is a crook and that they won\'t ever do business with him again. they were saying he screwed over a bunch of people from overgrow. do any of you know what happened? why is gypsy getting a bad reputation with people now? I don\'t know what happened between them and overgrow, but I\'d like to know... so, if anyone has any information, then post what you know.
  2. HIGH All, well it\'s a very long story Hero...PG is the place to get caught up and when you grow there find All posts started by Plural of Mongoose and you must start from the beginning to understand what\'s been growing on.
  3. alright, thanks. :) i\'ll go read.
  4. hmm.. so it\'s about gypsy illegaly taking over icmag and extending their sub-companies? that\'s not cool...

    doesn\'t affect me much though as long as they are serving their customers well.

    I couldn\'t find many posts by that member you named, but I read what I saw... him mailing a long document to them giving them notice and so on... I couldn\'t find where the problem actually started though. blah.

    edit: I just read more. seems like just a lot of bullshit competition, manipulation, and blackmail between a few members in high power in a few different companies. tired of reading now. meh.
  5. I also see that they were looking for sites to host the overgrow faq and strain guide. I wonder if the city would be willing to host them?
  6. ^^ they already have sites that are hosting the FAQ\'s and i think even strain guide
  7. HIGH All, guess I sat on the fence long enough....ok this is why I don\'t trust him. Tsunami Relief Fund......Now ever wonder why BOG left? This is the one (post #224) that did it for me. I\'ve read everything about this and me for one can\'t trust someone like that. Oh and I\'ve bought seeds from him before and recieved what I wanted.
  8. I don\'t really know about all of that. That guy Mongoose appears to be quite a shit talker, and you can find on other forums information about him stealing 16,000 f2 cindy 99 seeds and then using these stolen seeds to pay Drew, a moderator on Mr.Nice, because he owed them money and had none to pay with. He then went on to say that these seeds were ruderalis with hardly any thc and all of this bullshit like that, when it had been proven that many of the seeds resembled c99 when grown out, because drew had sent off a lot of growers seeds for free, because he does not grow himself. Mongoose appears to be a power hungry jackass who is manipulating a lot of people into believing him by getting the overgrow documents back online. He talks and talks, but never produced any evidence. Doesn\'t appear to be trustworthy at all to me...
  9. HIGH All, you ask....I answered.

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