Nipple size

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  1. Do guys care what size nipples a girl has?

  2. it's all about the nipple to boob ratio, it's purely science and involves a litany of jargon I'm sure you'd want me to spare you :p

    for me, If I like someone, something like that doesn't really matter. it might look funny or a little strange, but that's life and how they were born and they're still beautiful in my eyes. plus.... boobs :D
  3. Unless it's looking like Tara Reids boob job I don't have a problem

    I swear her nipples were diseased
  4. nipples that look like smudge marks are a no-go...
  5. I agree.

    Are we talking about nipples or the areola though? Ya know, that mermaid from the Disney channel.
  6. I'm talking more areola's
  7. not really why? you got the big ones?
  8. Yeah the ratio has to be right. I don't want big ol' half dollar nipples on a Cups
  9. I dont like big nipples
  10. Only pepperoni size ones
  11. I guess it's sort of like the way a penis looks. I do have a preference as to which penises I find aesthetically pleasing and which penises I don't BUT it's not a deal breaker.

    I can dig it.
  12. as long as she has two nipples not three we are straight

  13. please, do go on.... describe your perfect penis

  14. I know a lady who has nipples that cover almost her whole about the size of a quarter.
  15. I'll do it for her.

    It's about...

    No this is too gay. :hide:
  16. It's not gay unless you like it.
  17. Unless those nipples look like AK bullets

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  18. If the areola reaches more than like 3 inches from the nipple, it's not a deal breaker, but it would through me off in foreplay
  19. I wish we could post pictures but alas, we don't want to be rule breakers.
  20. Size doesn't matter. I do enjoy a bright pink areola. :D

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