nip or bend?

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  1. can anyone tell me which is best to do nip the tops off my plants or pull tip over?if its pull tip over can anyone tell me how to do it please and whens the best time to do it?thanx guys keep toking.:smoke:
  2. It depends on you. If it's your first time, I suggest nipping them on the top so they branch out.
  3. I like topping better than LST. It depends on how you want you plants to grow. I like tall, bushy plants, and lots of cola's.

    But say if your workign with a height restriction, I would go with LST.
  4. cheers pal,it is my first time and they are looking good,they are about 18 inch high and nice an you think i should nip them now or wait till they are a bit bigger?
  5. i built a room in loft so they have about 6 an a half feet sloping down to 4 feet.i think ive got enough room to grow them a bit bigger as the room itself is 4mtrs wide by 5mtrs long and only got 7 thanx for the help much appreciated.
  6. I usually top mine very early after the third internode (seedling). If they're 18 inches high right now, you could always top them and throw them into flower in a couple weeks. It really depends on how big you want them to get.

    Give them room for at least a couple feet to grow when flowering.
  7. Basically you want to top them as soon as possible. The sooner you top, the more growth that the new main stems receive. The bigger they get, the more bud you will harvest.

    I wouldnt top anytime 2 weeks before you flip into flower. Must be done before that IMHO
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    Yeah, it's a matter of opinion. If you top two weeks before flowering, you get less total weight, but larger top colas. Instead of the plant branching out, the buds double up on top.
  9. agreed. it all comes down to your grow style, conditions, ect..

    I'de rather have more, medium buds, than few large ones. But again, its all about preference.
  10. cheers guys think ile top them tomorrow when i go and feed them.once again thanx for the input.

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