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  1. What a joke this thing is. The scam artist at Nintendo spent the past few years taking there gameboy advanced and adapted it to play switch games. The system is actually called the nintendo switch lite, no detachable controllers. So basicly everything that makes the switch there inavative system are just taken out and you have the new gameboy. Lol what do you guys think.
  2. I read somewhere that on the lite, say a joystick breaks, apparently the only solution is to buy a whole new switch. That just turned me off.
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  3. Hard pass. I was waiting to see if they were going to release a beefed up version along side the lite version but i suppose that wouldn't make much senses from a business stand point as the lesser version probably wouldn't sell well. I'll wait till the holiday hopefully they announce an updated version with better features.
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  4. I already have a switch. The lite is for little kids only.
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