Nintendo Entertainment System (Nes)

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  1. I still have mine and still play it every day.

  2. No...never had an NES, but the NES was the first system I ever played, it was at my neighbors house. The neighbors daughter was friends with my older sister, but I still got to go over there and play the NES while they played in the next room. I fell in love with gaming from there.
    The first system I have ever OWNED personally was a N64, and no, I don't have that still...but, that's why I love emulators.
    Only systems I currently own are the PS3 and my PS2.
  3. I used to play the NES a lot, I played RBI, Kung Fu, Mario. It was a pain in the ass trying to get those damn cartridges to work sometimes always had to blow on em and shit.
  4. My wifes grandfather has one stashed in his spare room. he has 2 copies of Zelda and a copy of Final Fantasy. Ninja Turtles, the Mario series, and Faxanadu. i know im missing some. when we go to my wife's Grandparents house, i get down on Final Fantasy. FF still saves so i get to continue my Quest when i go back for a family gathering. 
  5. recently bought one again and it ended up being all fucked up. the current market for them is ridiculous, i saw a few going for 100 bucks on CL
  6. Yeah they go for like 30$ here lately my friend got one yesterday
  7. First system i ever had. It broke at some point. I need to find a working one and get a bunch of games.
    I used to play the shit out of Mario, Paperboy, Bayou Billy, and Double Dragon
  8. I remember one time when I was like three or four my brothers friend was a huge gamer nerd and once brought over a backpack filled to the brim with NES games. Good times. Myself I was never a really a nes kid outside of duckhunt and a few mario games. SNES was more my time. So many hours playing a link to the past and mario paint. Fuck I miss that fly swatter minigame..
  9. Of course I still have mine!!! But damn paperboy lol annoying!!
  10. I have a huge collection starting with Atari 2600 and just about every console on up.
    Eh..hardly, they used to cost 200 bucks a pop and sometimes even more back when they first were released. 100 bucks for a console that used to cost 200 back in 1985, is a good price for today. 
    I see games like SH(the original)pricing near 80 dollars sometimes, yet, you can get it for 5 bucks on the PS Store. Different pricing for different places. I think 5 bucks is a STEAL for a 1999 game as good and as treasured as SH was. I think 80 bucks is not fair, but that's because the game is only, what? 14 years old and it only cost about half of that when it was released.

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