Nintendo DS or PSP?

Discussion in 'General' started by CosmicSerpent, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I didn't know where else to post this, so it's goin in General. Does anyone here have a Nintendo DS or PSP? I've been thinking about getting one of them soon, but I can't decide which one I want. The Nintendo DS has more games that I like... for example, all the Mario games, Zelda, Starfox, a lot of Nintendo-exclusive games. Plus the DS is backwards compatible with Gameboy Advance games, so that adds a lot of titles. On the other hand, the PSP has a lot of good games too, the graphics are better, and it also plays movies. They both have wi-fi multiplayer capabilities and optional internet browsers. When it comes down to it, I care more about gameplay than awesome graphics, although that's important too. So which one should I get?
  2. My vote would be for the PSP. Though, if you like the exclusive Nintendo games better, obviously, go with the DS.
  3. i have a psp and i think its really does everthing that i would want a hand held mechiene to do.
  4. i have a psp and i think its a waste of money. if you want to play god games get the ds
  5. Yea I have a PSP it's pretty kool. The graphics are superb and I like the fact that I can listen to music and watch movies from it as well. I say flip a coin on it.
  6. PSP blows donkey balls. Used to own one for like 3 weeks. got bored and traded it for an ounce of buds. Played a DS with some kiddy-ass games, so I cant say I've gotten to fully experience one. Actually, maybe you should get a Wii? Those look fun as fuck.
  7. DS is better than the PSP in my opinion, the PSP doesn't have alot of games I personally like.

    The DS has alot of games not to mention that it does have backwards compatibility with the advanced and the advanced had a shit load of good nintendo games.

    The PSP is fancy with nice graphics and media capibility but in the end the games are a little lack luster all the ones I played at least, If I want to play some shit where im blowing people up or knocking heads back ill play it on a big screen TV not a little hand held device I have to squint for.

    The one thing i can say for the PSP is that they are redoing Final Fantasy Tactics for it with new classes and expanded gameplay which sounds amazing to me because I worshiped that game in High school.

    Bottom line, DS is cheaper and alot more selection when it comes to games, I ended up using my PSP for an MP3 player till I realized thats all I used it for and traded it for a 30gig MP3 player that plays video and stores photos just like the PSP did.
  8. Yeah I'm definitely leaning more towards the DS. The MP3 capabilities of the PSP don't really matter to me.... I already have an iPod for that. The fact that the PSP can play movies is pretty cool but I don't know for sure that I would ever use it. As far as game selection goes, the DS seems better. I don't have a Wii, PS3, Xbox or any system for that matter... I'm not that much of an avid gamer, I just want something to play with when I'm bored. If I was going to get a console, it would probably be the Wii also because of all the Nintendo-exclusive games (especially the new Zelda). If I was wanting to play a lot of graphic-heavy flashier games, I would probably just get a PC with a good graphics card and lots of RAM. But that's not really what I'm interested in. I guess my only concerns with the DS are the kiddy factor and the whole two screens/stylus thing. The PSP seems to be marketed more for adults, but I'm more interested in all the classic Nintendo games. Is the DS marketed primarily at little kids or would it still be just as enjoyable for an adult? Also, how much do DS games rely on the stylus and the second screen?
  9. I'd say get a gameboy color & a copy of pokemon blue..ha :cool:
  10. I have a PSP and I love it. You need to get it hacked though, so find a friend or someone you know who's done it before or look online. I can play GBA, n64, ps1 and psp games on it, plus listen to music and watch movies, not to mention that I can download all my psp games for free. True, the DS has a lot of great games, and I might actually get one myself, but for a first handheld the PSP has a lot more to offer, and you'd end up saving a lot of money on games if you get it hacked.
  11. Do the gba/n64/ps1 games run smoothly on it? Like without any lagging or errors or anything? A lot of times running games with emulators is buggy and not very enjoyable to play, especially if the hardware wasn't made for it. Cause if I got a PSP, I would want to take full advantage of that...
  12. [​IMG]
    Its a hand held PC, with way more games.

  13. Aren't those things like $1800? I was only looking to spend a few hundred. I don't need a computer that small... besides there's no way they could fit a decent graphics card in there.
  14. Fuck psp there failing one of the hugest disapointments of the 2000's. Dont buy one. why do u think the price has almost been cut in half?
  15. I just found out they're coming out with a PSP Lite that's smaller and has a lot of improved features.
  16. I used to have a DS when it first came out and it was cool but it got boring so i traded it in and got a psp and i was disappointed.. maybe it was just mine but.. it was slow and laggy and all the games were lame. i wish i wouldve kept my DS to be honest. my psp is just sitting in a drawer. i havent touched it in months
  17. ive found if you buy a psp you either use it or you dont. i love mine and it gets plenty of use but i know alot of people who never look at theirs at the same time. its got alot to offer if youll actually use it
  18. Plus fucking rep for that, dude.

    All these new handhelds are shit. Gimme some Mortal Kombat, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon on my bigass grey gameboy any day. I love those old huge gameboys... Impossible to lose :p
  19. Buy a DS with an R4DS flash cart, you can download all the awesome games and keep them on one card :wave:
  20. Seriously listen to this man!!!! r4ds is fuckin amazin go buy one

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