nintendo anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by jackisgreat, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Childish? Probably. But my favorite thing to do ripped is play nintendo. Old and new skool. Anyone else wanna give it up for nintendo and their all time faves? Mines gotta be 4 player SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE! Nothin like nug and nintendo.
  2. nintendo totally rocks i wish i had the first one though

    hmm i should look into to buying one actually that shit is fun when your ripped cuz its not like these new complicated games lol
  3. ya nintendo is baddass...i love the NES system and the old school hockey game..oh man thats so fun..

    and i jus recently found my ps1 and hooked it up but had no games.. then i ordered Twisted Metal 3 off of ebay for like $1... havent played that game in years... i remember it tho god it was so fun
  4. I remember when n64 came out i got one for my bday and it changed my life. I only had sega up until then. I also had a hockey stick and a foot ball i used everyday, god knows what happened to them lol.
  5. super dodgeball on the NES, best game ever, played it for the first time on acid, fucking love it
  6. did anybody play that nintendo thing that was in red, it was not a normal system like you looked into the system to play anybody know what i mean? that shit was craZzzzy
  7. i love the game river city ransom for nes
  8. i love NES the original 8 bit system :D that only led to my love of video games. after NES i went to sega genisis, sony playstation, Gameboy Pocket, N64, Gameboy advance, Nintendo Gamecube, then finally to my Xbox.. what can i say i love video games. Super smash brothers is my fav. nintendo game ever tho!! ive seen some of the pics for super smash brothers revolution for the nintendo revolution and it looks sick!!
  9. i used to play megaman 3 every night till like 5 AM for the last 3 summers and couldnt beat it lol its fuckin hard. i traded my NES to my friend for his SNES and i regret it since i cant find a NES anywhere now. damn i need a power chord for my damn SNES. my six-four is sitting in my other room with like 35 other games waiting to be played. man i love the NES music when high, it sounds soo damn simple and good. i like to just sit back and let the super mario bros music play lol. also, has anyone here played PROBOTECTOR? its like contra, except the european version where they cant use violence against humans like that so they used robots. man i could go on forever but ill give myself a headache lol.
  10. I was quite a Super Mario 3 fiend.

    But last night... I played Burnout 3 for PS2, one of the most badass things ever.
  11. super soccer on super NES.....such a great game

    i love all my SNES games actually, think i might bring it up to the dorm, although that will cut into my going to class time.....i get lost in those games
  12. dude, videogames are the reason i smoke pot...i'll play anything. i've been working at my uncles videogame store for 5 years. i love my life :)
  13. ohhhhhh duuuuuuude

    nintendo fucking kicks ass! :metal: i fucking love getting stoned and playing super mario world, dude, oh my god. it makes me so, so happy like :yay:, all the brightness and the clouds are just smiling at you and its simplicity but pure, overflowing entertainment value.

    haha, it's the greatest thing when after a smoke, i take my friends up to my room and bust out the super mario and hear all of them recollect their fond childhood memories of it :smoke:

    nintendo, mang :metal:
  14. I was sitting at my friends house not to long ago stoned out of our minds and she was like.....we are missing something....and just took off and came back with a SNES and we played mario all night

    Ive always been an old school gamer but newer games are fun to, i cant wait for Revolution
  15. ------------->

    OMG the nintendo revolution stoned will be the shit. The xbox 360 and the PS3 are all pushing better graphics, but nintendo is introducing whole new ways of playing video games, AND unlike the PS3 which will be like 400-500$, the GC revo will start at 200$. Im waiting for this shit
  16. fuck n64 right in it's god damn ear

    zelda and bomberman on the original nes and maybe link to the past on snes ...always fun stoned

  17. Ars, who is that in your sig?
  18. Nintendo is going downhill, and they really fucked up the rev its getting no 3rd party support with the whack controller not to mention they let the specs out being only slightly more powerful then the xbox1
  19. Whenever I get stoned I always want to play either Mario 1 or Mario 3. I've mastered them both. It's always fun doing a Mario speed run completely ripped.
  20. was megaman 2 and smb3 for me

    easy blind speed runs on either just going by the audio cues

    bowski - Jennifer Connelly

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