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nintendo 64 so fun

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Mathewg20, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hi if you like nintendo 64 back in the day then come and sub to my youtube channel to see how good games was back in the day lol :smoking: questiontime101 - YouTube
  2. I really hope the release Majoras Mask on the 3ds. Such an amazing game.
  3. Bro what are you smoking? I still play n64 and ps1 all the time

    spyro, crash bandicoot, conkers, smash bros, mario tennis, mario kart, mario golf when high for life and beyond
  4. Smash bros hands down best game for the 64.
  5. Good times .... I miss when games were about good gameplay and not graphics
  6. I have to disagree buddy, I give smash bros a tie with conkers bad fur day. both games are great and both provided amazing experiences with friends at a good period in life
  7. Or you can just have the console like a normal person and play on your tv. Check out craigslist you can get n64 consoles on there for $10-$15 and the controllers are real cheap too. Games are a little expensive though like $25 usually and $60+ for conkers.
  8. I would reply but I'm zoned out right now. Got you tomorrow.
  9. I play super smash with my brothers all the time when I go home from college on breaks. Bought my own n64 that I rarely play, but besides the point.

    The greatest system of all time is still the n64 to me. Pure fun and simplicity.
  10. i think donkey kong is #1 bro but thats my opinion. 
    however i love super smash bro's tho. i never get tired of playing my 64
    where? i paid 50 for mine. you wont find any cheaper then 40$ on ebay i looked thru every single page.
  12. Mario Party 1-3 on the N64 was the best.
  13. Golden eye is the shit

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