NINJA'S Have the real ultimate power

Discussion in 'General' started by Hemp Hippie, May 20, 2002.

  1. Ninja's are the shit man traquill one momment and the next they're chopping off somebody's head and not even think twice about it twice about it they are the shit
  2. Ninjas are indeed very cool. My cat reminds me of a ninja the way he hunts squirrels and climbs trees and shit. Speaking of ninjas did you know there's a new Shinobi game coming out for PS2 this year?
  3. UM that's nice dude
  4. do you mean some that had a snap punch clocked at 124 mps or a 900 pound thrust kick ,or a recorded 153 punches in one min ,i dont know anyone like that !lol ya i am cool with it!good luck tazz11
  5. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. jokeing dude look at the mps that should be mph! you didnt catch that !sorry that was the only part that was a joke !lol ! 151 fights, undefeeted ,one draw ! lol ....good luck tazz11
  7. ninja have nothing to do with you masterbateing !lol unless you dont want to be seen !lol or quike hands lol
  8. LMAO. That's so great.
  9. if any of you find a ps2 game that has ninja that cut off kittens heads, tell me sound fun ,ps2 rules !

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