ninja setup, advice plz

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JustNinja, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Setup- fishtank stand first 2 weeks of growth under 110 watts of floro's
    - then dresser under some MH for more veg and budding
    - possibly closet for drying

    Goal- have 3-4 plants that can be harvested about every 3-4 weeks.

    Questions- What would be a good strain, perferably something with a good nickname, does good in soil, lots of buds, decent under MH?

    I am a little worried about the smell, but I have been constantly changing my setup and updating it as I learn more and more. Right now no real ventilation going on in the tank setup and is just for florsent lighting to for germination and hopefully allow me to start a new cycle of plants while others are budding in the dresser. In the dresser I will have a carboard box with a pvc pipe going and air being blown into it, then have it go threw 15 bounce sheets before leaving the box. Is that acceptable?

    I am pretty new to growing and really have almost no experince. I have been trying to absorb as much information from this forum as possible. I think I am going to go with SOG method.

    I plan on tossing seedlings under some compact floro's 110 wats for first week and a half until they are 4-5 inches tall. Move the pots to my dresser set up under the MH. THe question I have now is what kind strain should I use? I am going to be smoking and pushing some of this to close friends. I am looking for something hardy, has lots of buds, and has a catchy name and/or something colorful like a purple, red, or blue.
  2. sounds good except bounce sheets arent gonna do it, if they smell at all to be an issue theyll deplete the sheets in no time flat, take a look around on the site for ideas, carbon scrubbers work well and lots of people have their own ideas of how to keep the smell down.

    as for the strain just browse through the categories on the site for something for color. and if your worried about a catchy name just get something with any color and call it whatever the hell you want when selling, people arent gonna know.

    name/color isnt something most people look for when buying seeds, so if i were you go for potency and people dont care if it looks like grass clippings and smells like dirt as long as it gets em retarded and doesnt taste like your smoking pencil shavings.

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