Ninja Gaiden II Demo (Video)

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. No Ninja Gaiden fans here? damn yall are missing out..
  2. looks dope, been playing the ninja gaiden sigma a lot on the ps3 lately. shit is mad fun
  3. I'd take Ninja Gaiden on Nintendo over the new ones anyday I played a little bit of sigma and thought it got a little repetitive. The weapons are cool but I don't know of many ninjas who tote around big 2handed swords :D
  4. my brother told me there werent going to be any xbox 360 ninja gaiden games :confused:

    He also said halo 3 got pushed back to next feburary :confused:

    I wonder where he heres this stuff :smoking: I think he just makes it up so he feels better about buying a ps3
  5. I wasn't too impressed with those visuals. They need to start utilizing the next gen power and make a truly next-gen game. The animations in that demo already started to grow repetitive and boring. I hope they tack on some polish and start looking into alternatives such as context sensitive randomized procedural attack animations so as to remove the repetitive nature of those slice and dice type games. I give it a big meh.

    the bosses look sweet though.
  6. No offense but I think he's wrong in every aspect.
  7. that is not gameplay quality video

    I know hes wrong thats what i was sayin

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