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    alright its coming to an end for the outdoor growing season, and i was researching some ways to dry/cure the things we love so much.:D i thought i would post a thread for those that dont have the time or privacy and space to dry and cure correctly. NOTE: ANYONE THAT HAS ANY IDEAS, THROW'EM ON HERE.

    heres the first that i fancied; "The Crystal method
    To dry, break up your bud into small pieces then put them in a small canning jar with a sealing lid. Place silica gel desiccant packs into the jar with the bud. These desiccant packs will remove the moisture from the bud. Small jars work best because there is less air in the jar.

    Auto parts stores sell desiccant crystals (similar to silica gel packs) for cheap. They turn to goop once moisture has been absorbed, so they need to be put above a drip tray.
    (works for seeds too..)"

    that one came from CORPSEGRINGER, i liked it and will more than likely test.

    ive been thinking of ways to do this stressful process and i came up with this......

    a Nesco Food Dehydrator(google it) i have no clue what could come of this and i dont want to do it until i get some feedback on the positives or consequences. so let me know what ya think, and put some of your ideas in this thread.
  2. my friend uses the crystal method for drying his a bucket he lays them on a screen above a layer of that stuff and puts a lid on fast:hello:

    i need to make up some ideas, maybe someone knows how i can dry it outside? or in an attic?

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