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  1. So yeah im goin to Nimbin for a bit with my brother, then over to Byron Bay..

    Any one been there before? Any tips on scoring bud?
  2. ive been but it was only for the day and had a great time. the only tip i can give you is walk up and down the main street minding your own business and someone should ask you
  3. Man I wished I went to Nimbin.
    My sister's ex was an awesome pot head, both of them and a friend went there for a few days. Damn I'm so jealous.

    It's like the Amsterdam of Australia.
  4. Don't do deals in any of the main "ish" streets.. they have cctv all up the main street and around town... it is easy to get on there but still be careful.. you can other said drugs there too!.. it is an aweome town though.. im heading there for mardi grass1 SHOULD BE FUN!
  5. According to a few sources of mine the quality of the pot in nimbin can be seasonal. A mate of mine went down at the start of the year a tiny bit too late, he got a fairly average quarter ounce. The best time of the year apparently is in December or around the start of June when harvest comes early because of the frost.
  6. Dont ask, you will be asked, check out a few of the head shops, people will ask, dont look local people will ask, eat something at a caffe, you will be asked, i mean seriously, go to a Public toilet for a sh*t, you will be asked, the only way you wont get on is if, you ask haha <3 nimbin
  7. I know this is a bit of an old thread... Nimbin is just the best! Like the other posters said, around December is awesome and they ask you, not the other way around.
    The first time I went to Nimbin we were driving down the road slowly, just finding a park. Not even out of the car yet and a bloke runs to the window and is like "ya want some weed kiddies?" Haha

    ...such friendly people too :) once my mates and I were buying a bong and talking to the shop keeper for ages just cos he was so nice, and then when we were leaving he's like "aww I like you kids, wish there were more like you, here ill give you my fave lighter" cool haha we still have it too :)

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