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    How you git a pic of my girlfriend?
  2. very niiiiiice
  3. I love me some nancy botwin!!!
  4. good show good body good weed
  5. Hot as fuck, I am gonna DL that and Arrested Development tonight
  6. when i was reading the new issue of Rolling Stones mag that i got today in the mail, i came across the add of the new Weeds season. she was on a spider web made of weed, i guess lol, and a caption saying "hemptress blal blah" she is pretty sexy.

    i still havent finished season 3. :eek:
  7. :eek:
    You must watch it!And season 4!No excuses,now run along and watch.
  8. Arrested Development is the best show ever

    and I'm pretty sure i'm gonna have a boner for days because of this picture, I definitely should get in contact with a doctor
  9. i'd make some babies with her bail fa SHO

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