Nightshift at Taco Bell

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  1. Yesterday was my first time closing at Taco bell... prolly 4th day workin there altogether. I got stuck working with 3 of the most insaine girls ever, and Ed, an old man who seems to have somthing wrong with him, I couldn't really put my finger on it.

    The first two hours went well, I had a really pretty girl training me who was really good. A big change from the idiot they had training me at dayshift who didn't make any sence when he talked. After this we get tottally fuckin swamped with drunk people at the drivethrough. The girls went kindof ballistic for some reason, one was crying.

    The manager called break and the girls all sat down and had a smokebreak while I talked to Ed. Ed told me all about how he's been reincarnated a half dozen times, and that technology confuses him. He also told me storys about how he used to work in a torture chamber and all this shit, it was pretty interesting.

    When we got back to work my trainers boyfriend called her obviously skiid up. She starts crying and dumps him. Now I have a crying girl training me for the next hour.

    At this point it was about 3AM and less cars started rollin through and the shift was gettin a little more laid back. My manager starts talkin to me and asking me all these questions about smoking, and I was being kindof unresponsive beceause it was.... my manager. Then she gives me this whole speach about how she doesn't give a fuck what her employees do as long as they get the work done. Then she asks me if I smoke weed and I told her yeah.

    She says that she does too, and she'll keep my secret if I keep hers, and that she would give me a ride home at 5AM after closing.

    After watching the girl working the drive through cuss out some drunk guy, we decided to call it a night and we cleaned up the Taco Bell.

    My trainer tells me to go home and I told her I was going home with Terri, so she gets this frusterated look on her face. THEN Terri says, "It's ok, he smokes." The girl pulls out about a quarter of some FIRE ass mids, and the four of us blaze a few blunts.
  2. haha dope its always great to find chicks blazing it.
  3. Awesome story man, I love taco bell when I'm blazed, and that secret mountain dew you guys have!!
  4. yeah, it's crazy the kind of people you can meet while working at restaurants. i've definitely come across some major nutjobs myself, and a shitload of smokers too.
  5. mmm ya that mountain dew baja is fuckin amazing :smoking:
  6. let's open up a new fast food chain. it'll open and close every day at 4:20. which means it's open 24/7

    and it'll be like 'Blazed Burgers' or something



  7. HAHA!! I love it! :bongin:
  8. Man, that sucks. Where I work, it's killer. Everyone who works during the day is a ditz. Most of then straight edge but whatever. The night shift, which I work on, is all potheads, and we all get wasted all the time. Its pretty much like were all good friends who all work at the same resturaunt.
    At like 6:00 p.m. we all go into the freezer and get ripped. Then we go through the rest of the night. Then after we lock the doors we turn up the radio so you can hear it through the whole store. Then after everythings all clean we sit in the back and get ripped some more. Its pretty kickin.
  9. My friend and I are planning a baja blast heist --- We haven't worked out all the details yet ... but it's gonna happen --- watch out:devious:

    oh and yeah ... I used to work the night shift at a Subway that was in a truck stop (I live in a small town and it was one of the only things open 24 hours) All my managers were cool like that we'd all toke up during our breaks and they didn't care as long as we still did our work -- they always joked that if they started giving employees drug tests everybody would get fired. (This only worked on the night shift though the day shift manager was an asshole) It was cool too because I'd always see people I went to school with, well strangers too, coming in there stoned or buying rolling papers and dutches ... I'd mess with them when I knew they were high -- It was really funny cause they'd get all paranoid and shit ... then I'd let them know it was cool I was just jokin --- I got some free green that way a few times...

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