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    Do you guys, as adults ever have a painfully realistic, absolutely horrifying dreams. I've seen so many horror movies and stuff like that, so my brain is really good at scaring the shit out of me. I rarely have nightmares but when I do it's always a variation of the same one but I don't realize it until I wake up which makes it really weird when I wake up and think about it. The only reason I remember it now is because I just woke up so it's clear in my head.

    I go to a vacation home with my parents when I'm younger. The basement is always a little moist and you can hear drips from the ceiling. It's not a place meant to hang out but there's a tv and an old exercise bike so we still do sometimes. Upstairs there are two bedrooms which look like the most fucked up, creepy places you can imagine. However I'm always the only one bothered by them so my brother always stays up there and I get to pick between two rooms on the main floor which seem completely normal. My parents stay in the master bedroom all the way across the fairly large home and I only see them during the day. It's fucking frightning because I'm never the centre of the madness and I just see it build around me until I'm about to go fucking insane. I see things in the corners moving but I never know what I see exactly. The climax of this dream is on one night I'm feeling particularily uneasy lying in bed. I decide to go get a glass of water and go to the bathroom. At first I tried peeing with the door open but it didn't feel right so I closed it and then I pissed. I was walking back to my room but there was this constant sense of uneasiness like people were whispering about me the second I turned my back. I decided to go to my brothers room to see how he was doing. I hear some faint music coming from his room. I walk up the stairs to his room each stair creaking louder than the next. I open up his door and he immediately looks at me with a larger than life smile. I look down and he has ripped off all his fingernails and toenails and is gleefully playing with them, sliding them along like little toy cars leaving blood all over the floor. I hear sunshine of your love by cream playing on his stereo system but very atonal. It sounds truly terrifying. That's when I woke up.

    What the fuck. I think the pain pills I'm on because I had surgery yesterday may have an effect but I was fine last night and I haven't had a dream like this in years. Feel free to share. I'm definitely gonna be blazing for a bit now so I'm sure I'll find some of them interesting. Only scary dreams please.
  2. All I have been having are pretty vivid dreams. Usually some trippy stuff but nothing scary. There was one where I was trying to avoid getting struck by lightning then happened to run into this drugged up homeless man. I don't know if you would consider that a nightmare?
  3. I had a real fuckin weird nightmare last night were something in me just fucking snapped and i just tortured some dude in a basement an shit,

    But in the dream its not scaring me im fuckin enjoying ripping this dudes limbs off and cutting him up and shit,

    But then at the end of it i realised what i'd done an felt like i got let down and felt real sad and then a something walks into the room wearing a gown with a hood on which he pulls off and then said some fucked up shit in a diff language and i fell through a hole in the floor,

    I woke up sweating like i just ran in the fucking Olympics. Shit freaked me the fuck out
  4. Shit sounds pretty crazy man. Opposite for me waking up though. I woke up with a perfect image in my head of what I saw still and I was really cold waking up and there were shivers going down my spine. Although now that I think about it, it was the middle of the night and I had a fucking fan blowing on me so being cold sort of makes sense
  5. Congrats bro you visited the Hell Dimension.
  6. I have the same one ever night. I start my day like any other. I have this urge to smoke and be high but I don't have any weed. I consider my options knowing I don't really have any, then I go through my day sober while thinking about weed constantly. Wait, that's my everyday life.
  7. i rarely have nightmares, but when i do i post them on GC..thanks for setting that one up bro..forreal tjough i have them sometimes too..never fun but descent experience..usually for me getting stabbed, shot, eaten, beat up, car wreck, flying then not, drowning...the time between being wounded and waking up can be brutal..with and without lucidity..happy dreaming blades!
  8. I've stabbed a home intruder in my dream,was very vivid and felt real.
  9. try happy thoughts before bed. i like driving in my dreams and that works for me on occasion

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