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Nightmare Kush (HQ)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ShockeD, May 5, 2011.

  1. Not mine, but definitely eye candy.


  2. That defines high grade

  3. Yeah, it makes me think.. what have I been smoking? haha
  4. Omg! Its like a rug, on top of a rug... On top of a shaggy rug.
  5. Lol the last couple pics really do look like shag rugs.
  6. Not sure about this analogy but that bud is VERY nice.
  7. Mmm frosty as fuuck
  8. I NEED to smoke some shit like this :/
  9. i now know the feeling of deep jealousy. :(
  10. How is that a nightmare lol thats my dream right there.
  11. I would sell a kidney to buy some of that :devious:

  12. I would sell one of my nuts for a pound of that.
  13. this is like if xmas and my birthday had sex
  14. Psssssssh.... Mids much?
  15. I would kill osama for that.. too soon? Naah.

    MY anaolgy has to be put backwards so the shaggy rug is on top.
  16. How could it be too soon to speak about the announcement of Osama's death?
  17. i think i just got a little high looking at those pictures...

    simply fucking amazing...

    is this a well known strain or is it some kind of obscure hybrid?
  18. this is the kush potential! so many trichs! and this is why its my second favorite strain:p i like sour D better because i havent come across dank like that, not many have though haha or maybe many have or maybe not!?
  19. i wanna make love to that...

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