Nightlife in Amsterdam

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  1. Hi stoners! 
    I am flying to Amsterdam tomorrow and will be staying till Sunday the 9th. Does anyone know of any good bars, clubs to go to in the city? Music wise I am into house, hip hop, rnb etc. Can anyone recommend any good clubs that are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays? 
    Any help would be appreciated with prices if weed is tolerable in the smoking areas? 

  2. As far as weed allowed in smoking areas. I thought it was just common courtesy to keep all marijuana smoking away from the public. Out of the times I've been to Amsterdam. I've only seen one or two people smoking on the streets. And they were in an alley. You can always roll some spliffs and smoke them. Not as noticeable.

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  3. When I was in Amsterdam, I remember many others who were smoking joints while walking down the street/on the sides of the canals.  Going to the bulldog and the coffeehouse is a must!  The nightlife is really neat there, tons of bars all around the same area, and generally pretty safe.  For a single traveling female, I had a blast staying in the RLD.  Hope you had fun!! 

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