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  1. As I posted in the other thread, I am planning in a half of a year when my high-school ends to move to either, SoCal, NoCal, Chicago, IL, or Ontario/B.C Canada. I need to escape home, home has destroyed my life, my life has been all controlled by my parents, and there are several colleges in these regions that do look promising. Of course I am aware that anything can occur between then and now, so I am not getting my hopes up to much (as I could EVEN die, let alone anything else). I wanted to get into the nightlife so bad, and my town is so poor and small there is nothing similar to what I am looking for. I was looking to truly experience the nightlife. With real DJ's, trance music mixed, techno, dancing to those wicked trance tunes pulsating through your body. I am not looking for a bar to go and drink at. But something creative, like the raves, or clubs I think? Places where DJ Tiesto started out at, clubs, and raves. Drugs are usually sold at places like these, correct? What kinds of drugs? E, Speed, Meth, Weed, Opiates? I am wanting to get into this nightlife so bad, and life the night, all until the crack of dawn. Also, if I move to California I will get a medical marijuana card for my OCD, Depression, SAD.

    What am I looking for?

    Thanks for help, if there is any.
  2. Well..for one Tiesto started out in the Dam..mostly Europe and Southeast Asia has the biggest trance scene on the globe. Don't get caught up too much in the nightlife man..everyone is fake, and superficial..but its fun dont get me takes money to be ''cool'' in the club get ready to make some dough
  3. SoCal would probably be the best place to move too.
  4. shrooms would be your best best. i feel e will cause u many problems, esp with your family.
  5. What is it about the nightlife that is so fascinating?
  6. The call of popularity. Wanting to be apart of the scene. To be someone.

    Or to get drunk and fuck any girl that walks.

    Either way. To me, its the euphoria. Im a hedonist so nightclubbing is the ultimate indulgence
  7. You gotta go to SoCal. There are so many raves and clubs to hit up every weekend. You'll probably run into a lot of e, acid, and k if you go to a rave. Those are the choice drugs. Its a great time, but its easy to get too into it and do e every week. No one likes an e tard. haha.

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