Nightime+Golfcourse+Weed=Good times

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by monster90, May 18, 2010.

  1. I only just kinda remembered this story as the last 6 months have been a very merry high blaze.
    3 months ago I was in Hawaii visiting an old friend who moved there. This guy lives literally right on this real nice golf course and of course the first night I get there we gonna do some exploring. So its night and me and my mate and his gf are fucking Blazed as a monkey wearing glasses. We go onto the course illegally and just bug the fuck out for about 10 15 minutes on his sweet bong. So we're all on the grass bugging out over the clouds when all of a sudden we hear voices. Im like "Ok fuck cops are here" and start thinking im gonna get deported or like thrown out of the country. Nope not cops but as it turns out this nice little spot is a very well known spot for local stoners to come and smoke. So we see these 5 6 people come towards us. And were like "Yo" and they were like "YOOOOO.. lets party" So for the next hour we start smoking it up underneath this palm tree with these 5 hawaiin guys weve never met. Now these guys are not only stoners but golf loving stoners. I love playing golf. So me and these two other dudes have a drive off and yes it was the middle of the night but work with me to us these golf balls looked like flying little stars. So we smash some golf balls for like 30 mins which was fricckin awesome when more people turn up at this place. This is starting to get silly. They see us and run towards us in a " Im very stoned but im pretty sure your my best friend kinda way" Needless to say at this point its 3 am and we have formed a stoner circle . Telling stories listening to music etc. We continue this party until 6 am when people start to leave except me and my two friends. Before I know it we fall asleep on the 9th with a bong and some doritos next to us luckily the guys dad calls him and rips him a new one shouting and I quote "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ITS 6 AM COME BACK NOW"
    That was without a doubt one of the funniest nights of my life.

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