night vision goggles

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  1. has anyone ever used night vision goggles to grow cannabis? It would be great for stealth b/c if you go to your plot at night and use a flashlight the light can be seen from miles away but with night vision goggles there is no light o be seen. so you can go on the darkest of nights when no one can see you!
  2. yeah this would be a great idea. im sure good night vision is pricey though.
  3. they are pricey, and say the battery died half way lol. but im sure it would work
  4. Yea dude its a good idea but your gonna be droppin like upwards of 400 bucks just to get some of the binocular kind. the kind that straps to your head is like 2000. bet they would be sweet though.

    Something I’m planning on getting and you should look into is a led head lamp that has colored lights in it. I know that they sell them at bass pro shops and dicks sporting goods cause a lot of people used them when setting up for hunting in pre-dawn hours because animals are less sensitive to different wave lengths of light. As for humans, from the little research I've done I’d go with a blue or violet colored light if you can find them cause their at the lower end of the light spectrum that we can see.
  5. my dad has these ones that you speak of.

    FUN to drive by radar cops with no lights on REALLY FAST in the dark.
    shit my dad taught me hey?
  6. working with night vision is tricky. if you have it strapped on your head it will get snagged on branches. messes with your depth perception. i get headaches after looking through them to long.

    i would try a red lens flash light :confused_2:
  7. I honestly have used a pair I got with call of duty, and they work great. Althogh I use a red led flashlight when walking to my site,

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